Self Adjusting Technique Book

“Here’s How to Quickly End Back Pain…

Easily, Painlessly, and Without Cost”…

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Dear Friend,

Do any of the following apply to you?…

• You have terrible back pain and you don’t seek treatment because of the high costs
• You have terrible back pain and you don’t seek treatment because you fear scary, loud, and sometimes painful adjustments
• You have terrible back pain and have had treatment before, but it didn’t last
• You have terrible back pain and you have to constantly get expensive treatments because the results don’t last

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then I have something VERY important to tell you…but before I do…

There is Something You Need to Know…

In a few moments, I’ll share with you how you can end chronic pain forever, but before I do, let me share with you some important information from the American Chiropractic Association…it’s that:

Half of all working Americans report having back pain
Back pain is cited as the second most common reason to visit the doctor
Most back pain is NOT caused by diseases like arthritis or cancer
Americans spend $50 Billion on back pain each year (that we can calculate…it’s likely much more in reality)
80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives

90 Day Unconditional Guarantee 90 Day Unconditional Guarantee

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That means that your back pain is big business. Fixing your back pain by traditional methods means forceful, scary adjustments that come at a high cost.

In fact, the chiropractor will prescribe a specific number of visits for those with chronic back pain, usually at around $75 per visit. The number of times you need to go can be as high as several visits per week for months…or as long as your back pain lasts. Even if you only have one visit a week, that’s $300 a month! For many sufferers like yourself, that means a lifetime of high bills and time taken out of your weekly schedule just so you can feel normal again.

There is a Problem…

Back pain isn’t just about the pain, it’s also about the effects the pain has on your life. Your pain can lead to:

• Decreased activity
• Lost income from not being able to work
• Loss of friends and social activities as you don’t feel like socializing
• Depression over loss of mobility

You wake up and feel those twinges of pain in your back that become throbbing as you try to move around and get ready for the day, only to give up because you just can’t seem to feel better. Constant visits to get forceful readjustments give you a smidgen of hope, but you’re devastated to feel your back pain returning.

When you have these back problems you hate dealing with the pain. You can’t go where you want do what you want and live your life. You feel helpless, like there is nothing you can do to ever get better.

Thinking you can never get better leads to feeling trapped. You either have to shell out big bucks to get treatment or just start dealing with the pain, knowing you can’t afford so many doctor’s visits.

You end up spending money week after week on adjustments, there is just not enough money left over for the things you enjoy in life. It’s like your body is trapping you in more ways than one. Not only are you immobilized, you also have to get treated constantly or you can’t find any relief at all.

Here’s A Secret That Few People Realize…

Getting your back to feel OK is easy, it’s the recurring problems that make things so hard (unless you know what to do, as I’ll show you shortly)…

You see, your body naturally falls into and out of alignment all the time. Moving around this way and that causes your vertebrae to shift, and moving again can cause it to shift back again. It’s when things do not correct themselves that you get chronic pain. Because we’re not in touch with our bodies and don’t understand how this works, we think we have to pay for expensive doctor’s visits to “crunch” and “pop” our way to feeling better.

Sadly, the problem just returns and you have to endure scary, expensive procedures all over again.

Here’s How You Can Get Rid Those Problems…

I’ll admit, I stumbled on the way to end back pain and keep it away without forceful adjustments and keep it away almost by accident.

My name is Kalidasa, the creator of the Self Adjusting Technique. It all started about 15 years ago when I developed a very serious illness that included severe back pain. It was so bad sometimes that I couldn’t even walk.

I eventually got over the illness, but the back pain was still very serious. It was just as debilitating as the illness itself was. I couldn’t live my life that way, and was desperate to feel better again.

Unfortunately, I knew a little bit about the high cost of chiropractic procedures, but decided to see a doctor I had known through a group we both belonged to (hoping he’d help out an old acquaintance).

I hadn’t been able to work for a long time because of my illness, so I was flat broke…he charged me anyway.

I sucked it up, scraped together some money, and paid because I thought that this one office visit would take care of everything.

Boy was I wrong! Not only did I have to pay full price from this “friend”, but he told me I’d need to see him three or four times a week for at least eight weeks.

There was no way I was going to do that with my money problems. The worst part of it was that he wasn’t just trying to pull the wool over my eyes, I really did need all those treatments if I wanted to feel better.

My back was in pain again the very next morning.

I shifted some priorities and got some of my last dollars together to go see him again.
He used one tool that was particularly effective…called an activator. It’s a spring-loaded tool that some chiropractors use to move the joint back into place rather than forcing like most chiropractic adjustments. It’s more of a gentle technique.

At this point I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford any more treatments, so I paid close attention to what he was doing out of desperation. I took note of what he did, where he used the activator, what bones he worked on, etc.

It felt good…but…sure enough, the next morning my back was in severe pain again. I could barely get out of bed.

I finally managed to get up, and I went and got a massage tool I had that I could use to push the spots the chiropractor activated with his tool. This tool is curved into an S shape and has wooden balls at the end.

I pushed and I pulled, I stretched and did some yoga. I just kept working around until my back felt right again.

I couldn’t believe it! It may have taken a couple of hours, but I adjusted my back and hips so that I was pain-free for the rest of the day! Not only had I saved a ton of money on a doctor’s fee, but I was able to have a nice day because of it.

Just like after the chiropractor’s visit, the next morning it was the same thing — back pain so bad I could barely walk. But, after an hour or so of working with my massage tool, my back was fine again. There was no popping or forceful adjustment needed, just some very gentle and simple techniques.

This kept going on for several weeks. Every day I would get up, use my massage tool, and work my back into place so I could function for the day.

Things got better in my back with these early stages of my technique, but they were never really quite right until I started learning about the root causes of back pain. I have been a natural healer for all of my adult life, so I added studying about back pain to my repertoire. I read everything I could, and talked to as many experts as I could.

Over a period of several months I worked out many different ways to painlessly and easily adjust my back and neck. I didn’t even need the tool anymore! It was very empowering to save so much money and instantly be able to take care of myself (it now takes a few minutes rather than a few hours, sometimes seconds).

Eventually, I figured out how to adjust just about everything in my body. All without forcing, cracking, pain, or cost.

Because I am always taking my expertise to the next level, I met with another natural healer, Dr. G. He is a chiropractor who took me under his wing and taught me most of what I know about healing back pain.

He was a great resource for help in working out my adjusting techniques too, and he taught me a lot about adjustments. I don’t have a degree in chiropractic care, but that’s part of what makes this product so great. It’s so gentle and simple that anyone can do it. It’s as safe as touching a part of your body and turning slightly. There is nothing scary about it! (But…you have to know how to do it right, and I’ll show you how soon…)

What I learned over from over five years of studying with Dr. G is invaluable. We became great friends and still meet with him to discuss these techniques.

I was pleased, but then I began to wonder…

“Would it Work for Others?”

Could others benefit from the techniques I’d adapted? I decided to test them out on some of my clients…

Now, there are some out there in the chiropractic community who thumb their noses at these techniques. They think that because I don’t have official training in chiropractic care, that I shouldn’t share these techniques with the people who need them most. I patiently explain that it’s not about adjustments forcing or anything that takes a highly skilled person to do. It is about gentle movements that can not harm anyone. It is self adjustment, and one of the purest ways to work with your body.

Most importantly of all, it really works to end your back pain.

No, I don’t have a degree, but I have studied with an incredible number of experts in many different fields. This has included studying everything from Chinese internal martial arts and chi gung from a world champion for several years, to studying with my friend Dr. G who cures over 95% of the people who have the good fortune to be treated by him.

I tend to gravitate toward people who use gentle techniques and so do my clients. I am a yoga teacher, and have been for 30 years now. I believe that everyone should intimately get to know their body and the way it works. I believe that everyone should have the benefit of being pain free, and have access to gentle self adjustment techniques that really work.

I have been truly graced, and want to share my good fortune with others who are dealing with high levels of pain and high doctor’s bills.

People have heard the news all over the world, and I’ve literally worked with tens of thousands of people over my adult life. You too want safe, gentle techniques that are in no way scary or painful. You deserve to be able to end your pain NOW too!

I’ve tried these techniques on volunteers, doctors, chiropractors, and many others. People really have a lot of success with my self adjustment techniques.

“No more pain in my shoulders and lower back!

The first time I met Kalidasa was at a yoga class of his. I was
complaining about my shoulder muscle being sore from carrying a heavy
purse. Kalidasa explained that it was a rib out of place not a strained
muscle and with my permission proceeded to barely touch the out of
place area and I felt relief within a minute.

Following that incident I would consult Kalidasa whenever I would feel
back pain and he would be able to relieve it with one treatment.

He was also able to teach my husband how to do the technique on me so
that in emergency my husband could pinch hit. Eventually, I learned how
to do it for myself. What an amazing technique.

I always avoided going to a chiropractor because of the stories of bone
cracking and popping, but with the Self Adjusting Technique you hardly
feel anything and sometime I ask ‘done already?’.”

“As a massage therapist for over twenty years I not only have a way to
help myself but also my clients. The moves are gentle and fit right
into a session as well as personal first aid. I recommend this system
Suzy Peltier, CMT, CHT

“With Kalidasa’s Self Adjusting Technique you can empower yourself with
the ability to control your own health care. These gentle methods will
put an end to painful adjustments and the strange, scary sounds of
forcing joints into place.”
Lisa K.

But, there was another problem…

I can’t help everyone in person, so I decided to put the information in the form of an book. It’s something that ANYONE can do. It doesn’t take a formal education because it’s so simple and safe. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is, and how effective it is.

I can safely say that…

“You Can Easily, Safely, and Gently Get Rid of Your Back Pain”

Now that I’ve agreed to release this information you can painlessly adjust yourself in the privacy of your own home…or even while standing in line at the grocery store.

You’ll discover:

• My secret method for ending neck pain instantly..(yes, you can get rid of the pain now IF you know how to do this)

• The big mistake most people make when trying to get rid of their back pain…(Here’s how to avoid having more pain)

• A behind-the-scenes look at what REALLY goes on in your body, and why you can take control easily and painlessly

• The danger of not taking care of your back, instead here’s how to do so in just a few minutes

• What to do if you feel helpless about your back pain….but be careful, if you don’t do this you’ll be living with the pain for the rest of your life.

• The exact step-by-step methods for taking care of the pain in all the different areas of your back and hips

Should you always have to pay big bucks to get your back to feel better? The answer will surprise you…

• The danger of getting caught in the endless cycle of expensive doctor’s appointments, and how to get out of it by literally taking things into your own hands (safely)

• A way to adjust yourself to eliminate pain now…no matter where you are

• Easy ways you can help friends and family end their pain now as well

• How to stop paying for adjustments and wasting time with appointments (they don’t want you to know this because if you’re cured, they go out of business)

• How to enhance your professional practice with these gentle techniques that address the concerns of patients in pain.

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If you’ve been dealing with this problem for a while, you’re probably asking…

What’s It like to Be Free From Back Pain for Good?

You’ll not only feel really good, you’ll also be able to get on with your life and do the things you love to do. You’ll be healthier, more vibrant and full of life. Imagine…instead of having to get in the car and drive to the chiropractor, spend your hard-earned money (only to have the pain return), you can self adjust whenever and wherever you want.

Listen, you DESERVE to be free from back pain. You deserve to feel normal again. It’s also very possible and is something that anyone can do.

This is how it made these clients feel:

“One morning I woke up in great pain. One of my ribs was out of place,
I could not breath deep without hurting. My friend told me that she had
just learned how to make rib adjustments very easy. So in a few day’s
she was back in town and I was still suffering. I went to her and she
had me do the Self Adjusting Technique…WOW. Instant relief. This
worked perfectly and I was so grateful. Within a day all the aches and
pain were gone. This was so simple and easy….just wonderful.

Thanks for your

Many Blessings
Rev. Kelley Springer

This is from the healer who helped Kelley above.

“Last June I attended a class in L.A. and one of the Chiropractors
asked if I had a way to adjust ribs and I showed him Kalidasa’s
technique. Instantly his rib went into place and he commented ‘That was
much easier then any method he knew of.’

This is a truly a well researched system, very easy and highly
effective. I was searching for some time before finding the Self
Adjusting Technique, I’m glad my search is over.”

Santa Cruz, CA

What Would it Mean To You to End YOUR Pain Right Now?

I don’t know how long you’ve been in pain, but since you’re still reading here you, I know you want to feel better. You’re tired of the pain and you’re tired of knowing that your next adjustment bill is looming. I want you to know that there is another way!

Listen, ending back pain is about more than just the money you’ll spend on doctor’s appointments and medications, it’s about improving the quality of your life. How much are your life experiences worth to you?

Using Self Adjusting Technique is amazing. You can use them whenever you want, even in line at the grocery store! You’ll also save a lot of money over doctor’s bills and medications.

You’ll also be able to do those things you miss doing. You can get down and play with your child or grandchild, play sports, go to the theater. Your mood will SOAR, you won’t be able to remember the last time you felt so good.

All of this also means less stress. Instead of always worrying about your back and how you feel, you can start to pay more attention to other things in life. You’ll feel lighter than air, and you’ll be able to move around without issue.

By using my product, you can get your life back.

Imagine…you get out of bed, and notice some pain in your neck. You apply my techniques and in a few minutes you feel as good as new again. All it takes is a small amount of pressure in the just right places and a few other simple techniques and you’ll have total control over the way you feel.

As long as you find your own reasons for ending pain now, when you make that decision, I want ensure it’s the easiest, and most pain free method you’ve experienced. In fact, there is nothing else like this out there!

You see, I’ve designed this product to ensure that you can self adjust successfully, enjoy a pain free life, and be able to take away pain whenever you want.

This technique is so incredibly gentle and so easy to do that it really would have just been wrong of me not to offer it!

Here’s What You’re Going to Get…

I’ve designed Self Adjusting Technique to be a complete system to help you know exactly what to do and why you’re doing it.

How much is the ability to adjust yourself quickly, easily, and painlessly worth to you? For many people, as we talked about earlier, a chiropractic visit can cost $75 or more. And what if you had to go several times?

Even at one visit a week that’s $300 a month. The book would be very reasonably priced at that point.

Remember, this is a revolutionary technique. It took years of training, consultation, and expertise to develop.

If I wanted to make it affordable to as many people as possible, it would be a good idea to price it at the cost of at least one chiropractic appointment…

I still felt like some people who really need this information (like I did after my illness) would be left out even if it was $75.

I finally settled on $47 as a fair price. It’s around the cost of going for a nice meal out, so lots of people should be able to substitute that to end their back pain forever on demand.

I do plan on opening this product up for businesses to sell, and when I do that I will have to pay them a commission. However, I wanted to get this on the market as soon as possible to help as many people as possible.

Since you’re getting in on this deal early, you’ll only pay $37. I think you’ll agree that this is a steal at that price…but it’s a price I feel good about since I know your life will be positively impacted like my thousands of clients.

But, I didn’t even want to stop there…

After I wrote Self Adjusting Technique I decided to offer even more of my expertise in the area of natural healing and yoga. I started writing a book that I call “Stretch and Exercise Back Pain Away.” It has turned into a great little book with clear descriptions and photos that show stretches and exercises designed to help alleviate and prevent back pain.

From experience I knew that these were great exercises and stretches that would benefit a wide range of back issues.

Next, I started checking around to see how much my new book would be worth. It seems that I could be very successful selling it at around $17 to $27 all on its own, based on what others are selling for similar books.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I really want to give people more value for their money, and not just follow the patterns of other people who are selling books.

I then thought about expanding the book even more to sell, but It’s already an amazing book the way it is.

So, I decided to add it to this product as part of the package.

It makes perfect sense since it’s part of the natural progression. It’s great to be able to adjust your back, but it’s even better if you then have the means to strengthen and keep your back aligned in the first place.

And, the stretches are very complementary for people who are in pain.

That’s two great books for $37

90 Day Unconditional Guarantee 90 Day Unconditional Guarantee

Remember, if you decide that this book isn’t for you, there is a chance you’ll have to deal with your back pain for the rest of your life. If you don’t have the money for the Chiropractor you’ll be dealing with the kind of pain that takes away the opportunities you have for health and happiness. If you constantly shell out the money for care there will be little left over to do the things you want to do.

Self Adjusting Technique is as effective as the care you’d receive in the doctor’s office, but it has none of the cost, scary sounds, thrusting, or forceful pushing. This is something you can painlessly and easily do to end your back pain whenever you need to. After paying the nominal fee to get the information, it will also be free of cost.

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Here is what my customers and clients are saying:

“I no longer have to
endure back pain because I can adjust my own back.
I can personally adjust and return to proper alignment, my spinal
vertebrae, my neck and my ribs. Because I know what’s going on, I no
longer have fear. And just knowing I can adjust my back makes me feel

The techniques Kalidasa provides are gentle, safe and straightforward.
The descriptions are simple and complete so it’s easy for me to do them
myself. Because of all the information he provides about the various
bones and techniques, I’ve learned to recognize what’s going on and
what needs to be done by how I feel.

For example, feeling almost too painful too move means my sacroiliac
joints need adjustment, which is a very simple, relaxing procedure I
can do lying down without moving.

I’ve never felt safe with harsh, manipulative adjustments. Too me they
were too forceful, too strong and as such I felt at risk. In fact I
usually endured the pain rather than seek out such treatments. Finally
with Kalidasa’s techniques I feel totally safe. At first I would seek
out Kalidasa and pay him to adjust me when I experienced pain. But
after he explained his techniques for me to use myself, I no longer
have to pay to free myself of pain, stress and discomfort. And I can
show these techniques to my friends because they are easy to learn,
safe and effective.

I have come to learn that what frequently goes out of alignment happens
because of my emotions. Now I can help my back myself to relax and
recover from stress and challenges.

Kalidasa and his masterful, simple techniques are a blessing to me and
a divine response to my knowing that there are simple, gentle ways we
can heal ourselves.

Being able to write this instantaneously is a testimonial in itself to
my embodied presence as a result of all the healing I’ve done and the
exceptional assistance I received from Kalidasa.”

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PS. As well as helping you to quickly and easily end your back pain now, Self Adjusting Technique will also show you EXACTLY HOW to end your back pain for good whenever you  need to. This is backed up by my 90 day guarantee – that if for any reason it doesn’t work for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money. Every technique and method has been successfully used with thousands of people to ensure you can end your back pain for life.

A Message For Kalidasa

“Kalidasa’s Self-Adjusting Technique is the most practical and
effective healing modality yet introduced to the general public for
dealing with most back pain complaints. Thanks to his technique, you
can forget all about going to the chiropractor and spending hundreds or
even thousands of dollars on forceful adjustment procedures, which so
often leave you disappointed when your problems routinely resurface.

Once you gain a mastery of this very inexpensive Technique, you will be
permanently empowered to remedy your own back pain issues immediately
upon their arising, just as I was. Most of these issues are so much
simpler than chiropractors and a vast array of other self-proclaimed
‘back pain authorities’ would have you believe. Kalidas’s
Self-Adjusting Technique is truly all you need!”

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{ 18 comments… read them below or add one }

Kalidasa October 28, 2011 at 1:35 pm

@Kane, In most cases yes. And, I’ll happily refund you if it doesn’t help him.

Kalidasa October 28, 2011 at 1:38 pm

@Diane, The SI joint is almost always related to adrenal fatigue, so be sure to check out that information first, you may not even need an adjustment. And, yes, the book does cover how to adjust the SI, three different ways in fact.

tcbdc November 1, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Does your book describe how to self-adjust the C1 atlas vertebra?

Kalidasa November 1, 2011 at 12:52 pm

@tcbdc, yes it does. That area is generally pretty easy to self adjust. One thing that sometimes makes it difficult is if the occiput is out — it compresses down on the spine. I have a video that shows how to do that adjustment on someone, so you’ll need a friend. Email me if you need that one though, it isn’t currently on the video list that you get with the book.

Robert Jackson January 6, 2012 at 3:15 pm

What about L5? Will it ease the pain and strain on this vertebrae?

Kalidasa January 6, 2012 at 3:44 pm

@Robert Jackson There is an adjustment for L5. But, most lower back pain including a chronic L5 issue is processed foods.

Jake January 9, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Wondering if your book teaches how to adjust ribs that are subluxated? Chiropractors I went to put even more ribs out and turned my rib cage into a basketcase. I would never let another one touch me. I live in chronic pain from what they did to me, 10x worse than what I had before.

Stephanie January 13, 2012 at 8:51 am

Just wanted to say that I’m really glad I found your book, it has cut my trips to the chiropractor in half. It took me a few tries but I’ve figured out how to adjust my neck to relieve my frequent headaches. I’m not so good at the ribs yet, but I’m still trying. Thanks!

Kalidasa January 13, 2012 at 9:39 am

@ Stephanie Really glad it helps! The ribs can take some time to figure out. Do you have a friend that can help you with the assisted adjustment? It works really well and takes very little skill.

Kalidasa January 13, 2012 at 9:43 am

@ Jake Yes, it does cover the ribs. They are a little hard for some people to figure out, but very doable. You can always ask me for suggestions. And, it’s guaranteed, so if you aren’t able to figure it out I’ll happily refund you. I don’t think people should pay for something that doesn’t work. Also, there’s a gentle assisted adjustment if you have a friend who can help you out.

stephanie February 22, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Hi there,
My sister is a Chiro. We call her DR.G. for short. She lives 3 hours from where I live. Since the 80’s she has taught my husband to adjust me so I don’t have to pay and go broke as I have L-5 S1 sliver of space on back
and I get a rib out once in a while.
Well 6 months ago A car hit me and I went flying inside my car as my car door hit my mid back and herniated my disks in neck and the pinched nerve in my back won’t come off because traction won’t allow it to because of the extreme pain down my sciatica. I am leaving my back alone for now as my big issue is nerve damage down my arms through my ulner nerve to my fingers and tingling, weakness, serious pain in neck and now 2 weeks ago serious ribs out on left side. Can not breathe it hurts so bad. I have been icing like crazy and using heat, and big stem machine, traction on my neck, and 30 other objects to try and get out of the house. I am almost 6 months into this accident and I have never had an accident or been hit like I was in Sept. I was on Ice most the first three months, medication, Constant Chiro and had high hope for a recovery by now. I went to the Best Chiro in Beverly Hills as I knew the Chiro from past issues. My sister told me about med pay. Its when you are injured in an accident and the Chiro takes that money and gets paid from my car insurance. My sister wanted to be sure the office treated me as She does. They made promises they didn’t keep. They just made me wait on average 30 min. in a really smelly office. Really old, small house, not clean, even animals laying all over. It was gross but because he can ajust well on the Board Of Chiro Ass. I put up with the whole 45 min wait for 3 min visit. the Med Pay was $5,000.
I felt I was getting better while taking meds and I couldn’t drive because
couldn’t move neck and arm strength I could get in an accident if couldn’t hold steering wheel. Husband and I lost so much work as he had to take care of me and the kids bc I couldn’t feed myself, lift, clean
shower, any tasks. My sister came to visit and freaked out that my neck was as if there was no one that worked on it like the office worker promised my sister when she called Chiro to Chiro office said they would. She Freaked out at the price per visit that this Chiro was charging on Med Pay because that limits my visits when I need a lot because My body was badly injured and almost died from that car hitting me. She told me he is a scam at 275 dollars and 175 per visit
for a 3 min visit. My sister is old school and treats them with Myofacial work, stripping the muscles, stem, Moist heat, adjustments, Cold ice before they leave. I mean she gets people better. Thats why her word of mouth bring her new patients. Never does she pressure people to schedule a visit, she says to them “you will know when you need to come back” She told me No way are you gonna give this Chiro the rest of this money. The $1,000

In fact I was so desperate in Pain with my Ribs out and neck and back
and can’t breathe cause the one thing my husband and I can’t seem to get back in is the Ribs. We usually can get them. We always have been. But something is so bad in the neck and I slept on my shoulder on accident and it’s 2 weeks and I refuse to let that Chiro take the last $1,000 based on principal. My husband called and said after the last thousand can you give me that 60 dollar rate your office lady told me that all the other clients have. The cousin of the Chiro told my husband its gonna be $80 per visit but with that rate it has to be 3 times a week!
Okay, but where is the Oath people take to help people at the cost of losing a client that is willing to pay $60!

This I think a strong way to hear the spirit slam the door on Him and the realization that I am not going back there. He ran through
4,000 IN A HOT NEW YORK SECOND. My MRI’s came back and it explained alot why I am in so much pain!!!!! He wanted 275 just to read the notes of the MRI to me! My sister said you don’t need him to make another 275 to read what you already have been told by the surgeon. He also took 275 to read basic xrays! Why when he knows I don’t have broken bones and past xrays does he need to tap into the med pay money at the tune of 275 to tell me my bones are fine when he could have used that to use for apts to adjust me? My doctor was doing the MRI’s. Thank God for insurance as the Driver who hit me left me for dead until the cops came and He was fine and I was knocked out so the cops believed the guy who hit me. I wasn’t even driving and a car hits me while I am getting in my car and the guy gets away with no consequences! I also was disturbed to read 4 months later that a women was walking mid block crossing the street which they said in the paper is legal and a Ford 2012 hit the women. She had to go to the hospital. The same officer in my accident didn’t site the driver, and the women died 3 hours after she arrived at the hospital. In both cases this officer was not at the scene of the accident. No one was cited. However this guy who hit me and was not injured….his insurance company is saying the officer said that I caused the accident!!! Why would he believe the man. Why not me. Because I was freaked and injured….he makes a statement I was freaking out and although injured, had my car towed because the door came off on my back.
Because I was shaken, the officer goes by the calm lier!

Sorry to be off topic and go on a rant over my accident, but the main thing is people. Believe this women who ever she is, she could be a break from your bondage from Chiropractors. Not to dis, my sis, as she is an angel for teaching my husband for years to help me so I don’t go broke. Unfortunately I was hit by a car so its more serious, and we are stuck with maybe surgery, and ribs not going in, and I will die in pain bf I pay a chiro! Sad because he is good. But when you are fighting for your life and not going just for your atlas out or something simple….where is the good will, the money your paid by my insurance?

Anyway, I don’t know who this person selling this book is, but trust me, it’s possible to adjust yourself, and even better your loved one to help with the more difficult adjustment.

Okay, I missed Idol as I was so passionate about telling you that you can get adjusted by your husband if you have a sister like mine who trained him.

God Bless and it’s not like we want Chiro’s to go out of business as thats wrong thinking. Just look at it like…you are not on their list of patients today. Chiro’s will always have clients. It just does not have to be you forever. Some don’t care as money and time is an issue. Especially in Beverly Hills, CA But most of us care. and need to live and save and have to be wise with the money God entrust us with.

Kalidasa February 23, 2012 at 7:54 am

@Stephanie(K) Really sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t like to think of chiropractors as being unscrupulous, but rather that there are unscrupulous people, some are like this one you experienced. Others are like your sister. I bet she teaches her clients how to do some adjustments too, one of the few who aren’t scared of losing business, people who really want to help others.

One thing you might look for is cold laser treatment. They can be really good for nerve issues. Write back sometime, let us know how you are doing.

Celeste H March 13, 2012 at 6:47 am

I am very interested in getting your book. I have no credit cards, as I am trying to get myself debt free. I am a widow who has experienced some hard times including a layoff from work. I support my mother and daughter besides myself. I am now back to working a full time job, I’m currently training as a produce manager for a supermarket. I love the job and enjoy working in a beautiful produce department surrounded by healthful things. I also have to do a lot of heavy lifting and am on my feet on concrete for 8 hours a day. While it has strengthened my muscles, I am having some trouble keeping my back in alignment. I was going to the chiropractor, but can’t afford to keep going. I think your book may be something that could help me significantly. To stay out of bankruptcy, I have gone to a debt management company. I am on a cash only basis for the next 5 years. After my husband died and I was layed off, I found 2 part-time jobs that coupled with my credit cards helped me to support my daughter and mom for 2 years. About the time I finally got a full time job, my credit debt had reached the point that I could no longer manage the payments. I have a moral issue with bankruptcy and chose to surrunder myself to debt management instead (I just did that a few days ago). I guess my point is that I am a good person who is now living on a cash only basis. I am hoping that I can mail you a check for the book instead of using a credit card. I can save the money for the book in the next week. Once my check has cleared, you could send me the book. I hope you find this satisfactory, and I appreciate your consideration.

Kalidasa March 13, 2012 at 2:04 pm

@Celeste sent email with a question for you.

Yes, you can send a check if you like. Email me for my current address first as I have been moving around lately.

Lisa March 14, 2012 at 8:22 pm

It would help if you put a photograph of your Self Adjusting Technique Book on the website. There are many scammers on the internet, and viewing the book’s front page makes it more credible.
I am hoping to try some of your techniques, as I have had shoulder pain for for 5 years.


Kalidasa March 20, 2012 at 12:22 pm

@Lisa, You are probably right. I’m working on a new sales page — I keep getting distracted from it though, that will have two price points and an option for a physical version now available on Amazon. Self Adjusting Technique on Amazon.

Sam March 24, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Hi Kalidasa,
I am interested in your book but first I wanted to check a couple of things.
I have recurring pain in my left back ribs a few inches below the left shoulder blade- almost to the left edge of my back. I can feel the really tender “knot” which I try to massage with a theracane. This sometimes works. The pain is severe when I twist my back to stretch it and when I take a golf swing. Can this be fixed with your technique?

The other issues I have are: On on my fore arm- again a knot- that is painful all the way down to the wrist when I stretch the arm. this has really hampered my weight lifting.
The final pain is in the back of my leg from hamstring to calf that flares up almost immediately after I do a sprint. Is your method useful for other muscles or is it only designed for back muscles.

thank you

Kalidasa March 26, 2012 at 9:59 am

@Sam, the ribs can be self adjusted, your theracane will help a lot. To be perfectly honest, it can take time to figure out. Having a friend do a helping technique that is included in the videos is the easiest way — really easy to do. Your other issues are likely caused by trigger points.

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