My Healing Methods

Sessions With Kalidasa

Kalidasa Brown Readers of my blog know I have been writing and practicing holistic healing for several years now. I’ve been very lucky with some amazing teachers and opportunities that have helped improve my ability to help people. While I have continued to practice over the last few years, it has been on a smaller [...]

Yesterday I wrote about how Applied Kinesiology started, and how I got to know my mentor Dr. G. Today continues with a very brief version of how I learned from my mentor. Once I started observing Dr. G work I quickly became amazed at the power of the work he did. I didn’t even need [...]

Today I am starting a series on how I do healing work, my general approach and the things that most people tend to need in order to heal. Some of what is involved is controversial, but much of it has a basis in biochemistry. And, I will discuss the modalities that I use, there are several.