Welcome to Self Adjusting Technique. I started this site to promote my book on how to do adjustments on yourself so people could avoid the chiropractor. But, it turned into a lot of articles on holistic healing as well as back pain relief. Especially on what you can do for yourself. (You can learn more about Self Adjusting Technique here.)

What has become apparent is that a lot of people would like to consult about holistic healing. So, I started doing skype and phone sessions when asked. A lot of people wanted to know about this work and how it could help them. So, here are a series of videos for you so you can see what this work is about, and if it is something you’d like to do.

The rates listed in the tab above are general. I do make allowances in these hard times and include a sliding scale. Your health is more important to me than money, so please don’t let money stand in the way of your health.

Every body is different, so muscle testing is used to find what is needed. Here’s how that works:

But, you have to get be able to get good results. Here’s how to do that:

Most issues have emotions that block healing. That is why so many treatments don’t seem to work! Here’s one of the best methods for clearing emotions there is:

Some people have a major emotional block that prevents literally anything from working. It has to do with being locked in a constant state of stress having to do with the fight or flight response. The good news is that there is an easy fix for it as explained here:

That is the basics of what I do, and what you might like to know before getting a skype or phone session from me. You can use the contact button above to reach me for a session, or give a call at 510 295 4513, I will answer whenever I can.

Be sure to ask any questions so more videos can be made to help others.

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