Hot or Cold for Back Pain?

by Kalidasa on July 20, 2012

Hot or Cold for Back Pain?

Hot or Cold for Back Pain?

A question a lot of people have about back pain injuries is whether to use hot or cold to treat it. A very good question to ask since there are a couple of factors to consider. Lets look at when to use hot or cold for back pain, and what each do to help

Most people know to apply cold when they are first injured. The cold not only eases the pain, but will help prevent excess swelling. This is a really good idea since excess swelling can prolong recovery.

How the Body Deals with Injury
Swelling is actually good for injuries. It prevents the area from moving around which could make the injury worse, and it it brings nutrients to the area in the form of more blood flow. This extra nutrition includes factors that increase inflammation in the area. It is not always good to have that continue long term. Even if an ice pack is applied the area will still get healing nutrients while swelling is limited.

After a few days, injuries tend to calm down somewhat. The swelling has done its job, and the real healing process can start. There will likely still be some pain, but the initial inflammation has stopped. In this case, applying heat to the area is the best thing to do.

Heat increases blood flow as well as soothing an older injury. The increased blood flow allows blood flow that will clear the old swelling. Some movement is also a good idea because this will increase blood flow as well. But, when do you stop cold and start using heat for back pain?

When to Use Heat and When to Use Cold
The general guideline is to apply cold immediately after an injury, and to continue it for a few days. Heat is best used a few days after the injury.

One of the best ways to know when to start applying heat is by the kind of pain experienced. When the pain is sharp then cold is best. It’s time to switch to heat when the pain is dull.

Apply Heat or Cold to Only the Injured Area
One thing to consider is how to apply heat or cold to an injury. The main thing is that they need to be applied directly to the injury. General applications won’t have the same effect at all. For example, soaking in a hot tub will not be of much help for lower back pain.

When heat or cold is applied to a specific areas the result is localized. In our example, if heat is applied to the entire body in a hot tub, the entire body will be affected. The benefit of heat is that it causes an expansion of the blood vessels and tissue in the area where it is applied. If the entire body is heated the expansion will occur everywhere leaving no net effect on the injury.

A hot bath can have a generally good effect on an older injury. For one thing they are very relaxing. Another benefit is that a hot bath is very detoxifying which might offer a little help in eliminating leftover inflammation factors.

What to Use to Apply Heat or Cold
A hot or cold cloth won’t hold the temperature very long. For cold, ice in a plastic bag works well, a bag of frozen peas even better. But, one of the best products you can get is a pack that can be heated or frozen for cold. IceWraps is one of the best products that I’ve found so far. I particularly like this one:

Click on the photo to see this wrap. Click on their logo to see other products.

They do have others that I’ve used, but the convenience of the velcro wraps is worth the extra money.

You can keep them in the freezer for when needed, and they can easily go into the microwave for heat in a hurry.

Whatever you use, keep something in the freezer ready to help reduce swelling as soon as possible if injured.

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Low Testosterone

by Kalidasa on July 2, 2012

Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone

Hormonal changes happen to both men and women as they age. These changes are normal with minor if any symptoms. However, it is very common for symptoms to occur with people who eat a modern diet. This article discusses testosterone, the causes of low T and what can be done to help increase it.

Testosterone will naturally start to decline in men in their 40’s or 50’s. In general, there is not much that can be done about it. Specifically though, there are things that will help keep it from dropping as much.

When younger men, and to some extent, women, experience low testosterone, there is usually a reason. Let’s start by looking at some of the symptoms of low T.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Decrease in libido
Decrease in erectile function
Spells of mental fatigue
Inability to concentrate
Episodes of depression
Muscle soreness
Decrease in physical stamina
Unexplained weight gain
Increase in fat distribution around the chest and hips
Sweating attacks
Emotional episodes
Hair loss
Fatigue and lack of energy
Loss of muscle mass
Decrease in bone mass
Mood changes

Causes of Low Testosterone
Do any of these remind you of any of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue? It should, since it adrenal fatigue is one of the causes though there are several others.

Here are some other common causes of low T:
Injury to the testicles
Testicular cancer or treatment for testicular cancer
Hormonal disorders
Chronic liver or kidney disease
Type 2 diabetes

Injury is very specific and would usually respond best to medical treatment or surgery.

Testicular cancer can be treated successfully with natural techniques, but that is a very long subject. One of the medical treatments for testicular cancer involves using drugs to stop the production of testosterone. There is not much that can be done about that until the cancer is cured and the drug treatment stopped.

Other infections, including HIV, can be treated with natural techniques. This is another subject that would take a book to discuss.

Liver and kidney disease can also be treated naturally. One of the best treatments for liver disease is the herb, Milk Thistle. Other treatments are beyond this article.

Primary Cause of Low Testosterone
The primary cause of all hormonal imbalances is also the primary cause of low T. That is, insulin resistance which is often called type 2 diabetes, is caused by eating processed foods. Processed foods include sugar of any kind, even unprocessed honey, dried fruit, fruit juice and all grains that have been ground up in any way. These processed foods also lead to weight gain, obesity and most major illnesses.

Changing habits is the best way to increase testosterone levels when it is caused by hormone disorders, diabetes and excess weight. There are supplements and herbs that will help these issues, but since this article is about testosterone the specifics for those issues aren’t covered here. There are other articles on this site with much of that information.

Treating Low Testosterone
Now we’re down to the specifics of exactly what nutrition it takes to treat low testosterone directly. All the above issues should be considered first though.

It should be noted here that using a testosterone drug like AndroGel or Testosterone Cypionate will make most men feel great for a few months. For the most part though, they will lose efficacy in time, and often cause serious problems later, primarily cancer.

The first consideration is adrenal stress. Treatment for adrenal fatigue alone is very likely to bring testosterone back to a normal level. But, there are supplements that can have a direct effect.

Nutrients that Produce Testosterone
There are only 5 supplements to consider when looking to increase testosterone directly. Copper, magnesium, B12, B6 and folic acid. B6 should be in the enzyme activated form, P5P. The B12 needed is usually cyanocobalamin, though methylcobalamin should also be considered.

Another supplement that could be considered is DHEA. I don’t generally encourage people to use DHEA, and if I do I have them use 7 keto DHEA, because DHEA can be dangerous.

DHEA can through the hormone system out of balance, and even cause a higher production of hormones that can cause cancer. The best thing to do instead is to treat the adrenal glands so they can produce the right amount of DHEA instead of trying to guess with a pill.

Testosterone Supplement Dosages
Very rarely will all the supplements be needed. But, most people need magnesium, B12 and B6 anyway.

To dose magnesium start with two grams at bedtime. Take it away from calcium because they compete for the same receptors. Calcium in the morning, and magnesium at night is the best practice.

Note: the below links are to sources for the named supplements.

Magnesium doses need to be increased slowly, another gram every three or four days, until it causes diarrhea. 500 mg to one gram less than what causes diarrhea is the ideal dose.

B12 dosage is usually between 200 and 1000 mcg. It is generally safe to take more than is needed.

B6 as P5P usually comes in 50 mg tablets. Sometimes it will say 35 mg or something close to that. These are usually the same, it is just being looked at a different way. Four of these tablets a day in two doses is the ideal amount to take though some people will need more or less.

A good folic acid dosage is in the 400 – 500 mcg range. However, if you eat plenty of green leafy vegetables you are not likely to need any.

Copper and zinc balance each other out. In general they are best taken together. And, most people, especially men, need zinc.

But, too much zinc can cause a copper deficiency because of their relationship. The ideal is to take them together in the ratio of 15 zinc to 1 copper unless the ratio is already off. Knowing if you have a much different ratio is necessary to determine exactly how much of each is needed. A balanced dosage could be around 100 mg of zinc to 6 or 7 mg of copper.

Those are the primary causes and treatments of low testosterone. The main issues have been covered while there are several less common issues that require different treatments, some quite extensive.

You can schedule a phone healing session if you want to know exactly what is going on with you. You can contact me through the contact form on this site.

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Vegetarian Health

by Kalidasa on June 20, 2012

Vegetarian Health

Vegetarian Health

Vegetarians, in general, will have a hard time healing from adrenal fatigue and most other conditions. The reason has to do with heredity, humans have to eat animal protein to stay healthy or to heal. However, there are things that vegetarians can do. That’s what this article is about.

Humans Need Animal Protein The reason vegetarians have a hard time healing is because humans evolved eating animal protein. Ninety percent according to recent archaeological studies. Even a typical American diet of ninety percent processed foods with animal protein has an impossible time staying healthy. So much harder for people who eat no animal protein at all.

Alkaline Body Another reason has to do with how the body keeps its pH balanced. When there is animal protein in the stomach HCl is released to activate digestive enzymes that digest protein. Once the food moves into the first part of the intestines alkalizers are released to neutralize the acid. More than enough is released which alkalizes the body.

Vegetable protein doesn’t have the same effect in the stomach. In fact, the body recognizes very little vegetable protein as protein that can be used for things like cellular repair and building tissue.

Digestive Enzymes But, there is something that will help break down vegetable protein into amino acids that the body can use. In general enzymes are required to break down grains and legumes (beans). The enzyme that vegetarians need to take with every meal is bromelain.

Two extra strength capsules with each meal.  Bromelain comes from pineapple. Unfortunately you couldn’t possibly eat enough pineapple to get the enzymes needed to help a vegetarian. Besides, taking a supplement is much easier.

Perfect Diet Another thing vegetarians have to do is to always eat whole foods. No ground up grains even if they started out whole. No grain is whole anymore after grinding. Far too many vegetarians eat lots of bread and other processed foods. Of course, sugar has to be completely eliminated as well.

Acceptable Protein? Some vegetarians are ok with eating some animal protein like whey and egg white protein powder. Some will eat eggs, others may even eat fish. All these foods will give good protein that will help in healing and maintaining health. My favorite is egg white protein with stevia because it’s more protein dense than whey protein. Just make sure which ever one you get doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Eating nuts is also helpful, they help in adding some protein.

In general it is hard to be healthy without eating animal protein. But, eating a perfect diet free from processed foods, eating more nuts, eating as much animal protein as is acceptable to the individual and taking bromelain with each meal can help to keep a vegetarian healthy.

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