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Holistic healing is proven to heal back pain faster and better than any other method. Different types of back pain require different healing methods. Learn the holistic technique that will heal your back pain fast!

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HPA Axis And Adrenal Fatigue A question today asks about healing the HPA axis if the emotion is ongoing. I don’t want to give too many details for privacy reasons, but the issue is with money and her husband with emotional issues due to severe emotional abuse and financial issues growing up. Top it off [...]

Neck Pain Issues

Neck pain relief, neck pain Neck pain can be complicated to heal because of how complex the bones, muscles and ligaments in the neck are, not to mention the connections to the upper back. Misalignments and tight muscles in the neck and upper back can combine to make a big mess of pain. But, it [...]

Back Pain Heart Treatment

This article on lower back pain that is caused by a broken heart discusses one way that lower back pain is related to a heart issue. This is called a cardiac back which is usually caused by a broken heart like a break up or the death of a loved one. However, it can also [...]

Hip Pain

There are different causes of hip pain. One of the main causes, probably the main cause, is the same as the main cause of lower back pain; adrenal fatigue. But, there are other causes and treatments that we’ll cover here. While the root cause of most hip pain is adrenal fatigue, the main issue, what [...]

There are several reasons your ribs might be in pain. If you had an accident that caused them to be struck then you could have a cracked or broken rib. Or, there could be a simple bruise or pulled muscle. However, the most common cause of rib pain is when one or more are out [...]

Lower back pain is the most common back pain complaint there is. There are many different causes of lower back pain, but one stands out as the most common, perhaps more that 80 percent of the time. Adrenal fatigue affects almost everyone at some point in their life, and as they get older it often [...]

The one thing the human body always strives to keep in perfect balance is the amount of sugar in the blood. It will do everything it can to keep the level perfect, even at the expense of every other system. This can cause great harm if we  don’t give it some help.  In fact, almost [...]

Muscle testing is used in Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool. It can be spookily accurate in many cases, but it depends on how it is used. The basic idea behind muscle testing is that the body has innate knowledge of itself which can be taped into by testing muscle strength to get a yes [...]

Holistic Flu Treatment

Flu Treatment Flu season is here, and there has already been too much sadness in the news. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a lot of things that can be done to avoid the flu, and several that can be done to minimize the impact. In most cases, an Applied Kinesiology [...]

Chiropractic Neck Adjustment I saw this headline from the BBC today, happened in York, England. It reads: Man ‘broke neck during chiropractor treatment.’ This can NEVER happen with Self Adjusting Technique. In partial defense of the chiropractor, there was an accident where the table failed somehow, and collapsed or partly collapsed. Also, the man was [...]

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