Hip Pain

Hip pain

There are different causes of hip pain. One of the main causes, probably the main cause, is the same as the main cause of lower back pain; adrenal fatigue. But, there are other causes and treatments that we’ll cover here.

While the root cause of most hip pain is adrenal fatigue, the main issue, what causes the pain, is a misalignment. If there is adrenal fatigue it isn’t always helpful to adjust the hips. In fact, adjusting the area, even using the gentle methods of Self Adjusting Technique, can cause more pain.

But, if the cause of the misalignment is something other than adrenal fatigue, then the best treatment is usually to adjust the area. While a chiropractor can cost a decent amount of money, doing it yourself only costs you a few minutes. And, you can relieve your pain instantly rather than waiting for an open appointment. Of course, you can take drugs, but that has its own problems.

Another very common cause of hip pain is an accident. It can be as simple as falling down, or even just bumping into something. Simply knocking any joint out of alignment is easy to fix with a simple adjustment.

Another issue with any misaligned joint has to do with stress. Emotional stress can cause joints to not stay in alignment even if they are professionally adjusted. Clearing emotions can be done with a technique called The Emotion Code, you can learn how with this video, it’s unlisted, so please keep it to yourself. If you know what is causing you stress then you can use the technique yourself.

But, if you don’t know what your issue is, or are not sure you have two choices. You can just run the technique on every issue you can think of. Or, you can find someone who knows how to do muscle testing to find the specific issue.

Once the emotion is cleared, the adjustment is more likely to stay. Unless there is something else blocking the adjustment. For example there could be inflammation from the joint being out, or there could be a connective tissue issue, or something could be damaged. There are several others, but these are the main causes.

Whatever the issue, the first thing to try is adjusting the area. If you are using Self Adjusting Technique you need to pay attention while doing the adjustment to see if the pain increases or not, or simply notice if it feels weird when you start doing the adjustment.

For example, if you are using the blocking technique you will probably notice right away that things just don’t feel right. This will likely happen when you just start to put weight on the first block, if not it may be when you start to relax into the second block. Note for those without the book: the blocks are simply pillows or folded up cloth that you lie on in a way that the hips can release back into alignment.

Or, you might try the Self Adjusting walking technique. In that case, you would notice if it felt right or not after only a step or two. Fortunately in this case, it is really hard to hurt yourself even if you are doing it wrong. That is one of the best aspects of Self Adjusting Technique, the techniques are so gentle that you can’t hurt yourself.

If you have a problem with any health problem including hip pain, you can contact me for a phone/Skype session. Rates are very reasonable, and I even slide for those that may have a money issue. I especially do a sliding scale for people who have been ill for a long time and have exhausted their resources.

You can learn how to deal with your hip pain yourself. It can be easy with Self Adjusting Technique which comes with a money back guarantee. Or if you like, you can start with a free copy of Back Pain Secrets that has the most common types of back and hip pain with the best treatments for each. And of course, you can contact me for anything health related, I love questions especially if I can write an article about it!

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