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This article on lower back pain that is caused by a broken heart discusses one way that lower back pain is related to a heart issue. This is called a cardiac back which is usually caused by a broken heart like a break up or the death of a loved one. However, it can also be from cardiovascular (CV) disease, and it can lead to a heart attack.

While cardiac back almost always happens in the lower back, the CV disease type can occur in in the middle back behind the heart. The discomfort may not be consistent, and can happen when tired, or after doing too much. This can be a common issue with older people, especially if they already have a CV issue.

There is a standard treatment for cardiac back is done with Applied Kinesiology (AK). You can test for cardiac back on your friends and loved ones, or you can have someone test you. And, there is a simplified treatment that you might be able to use so you can use for yourself.

First, you will need to know how to muscle test. Muscle testing is an AK diagnostic tool that isn’t hard to learn, but does take practice to become proficient. There are also plenty of videos on youtube that you can learn from. I will do an article and video soon that covers some aspects that no one else does. They can be found in Self Adjusting Technique.

The test for cardiac back is to place the edge of your hand, pinky side, on the lower back where the deepest inward curve is as shown in the picture above. The action is just a gentle karate chop to the lower back. Maintain that contact with the lower back while testing the indicator muscle with your other hand. The indicator muscle going weak means cardiac back is present.

The test needs to be done three times with the person being tested in three different positions; sitting, lying on their side and standing. The order doesn’t matter, nor does the side they lie on. They can go weak in any or all of the positions. The treatment, or treatments, are done in whichever position they are in when they go weak.

The AK treatment is rather complex involving stimulating various acupuncture and neuro lymphatic points. And, the specific points vary from person to person. All of this can be discovered using muscle testing. And of course, the energy healing short cut mentioned earlier is a much easier way to do the treatment.

Treating cardiac back with the energy flow technique is very easy to do. The only limit is that the practitioner needs to be able to run energy as described in this article. If you are interested, you can contact me for a phone/skype session with you to help you to be able to do the energy flow technique, or to do the treatment for you. The treatment would be a very short session for which I would charge very little to nothing. Contact me here if you are interested

The simple treatment is to have the client ( the person with the cardiac back issue) get into the position they go weak in with the test. The practitioner holds their hand on the client’s back as if doing the test, then runs energy as described earlier. Be sure to retest to make sure the treatment worked. And of course, do the treatment in each position they went weak in.

The whole procedure can be done even faster. Start with the client in one of the positions, chop the back, test the muscle as you hold the chop, run the energy if they went weak and retest. Do that in each of the positions, and you are done. With a little practice it takes less than three minutes to test and treat all three positions.

This is an example of what is often called quantum healing which happens when the effects of a treatment, especially energy techniques, is immediate. This is becoming more and more common place in various.holistic healing techniques, and is something I’ve seen numerous times. And, many of the methods aren’t hard to learn at all.

You can find a lot more self healing techniques here on my site. And, you can contact me about any other health issue you might have. Phone orr Skype healing sessions are offered at a reasonable rate that slides if you are having financial issues.

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