The Number One Cause Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is the most common back pain complaint there is. There are many different causes of lower back pain, but one stands out as the most common, perhaps more that 80 percent of the time. Adrenal fatigue affects almost everyone at some point in their life, and as they get older it often becomes a chronic condition that isn’t even acknowledged by the medical community.

How the adrenals have such a strong effect on lower back pain has to do with the adrenal glands need the same nutrients as ligaments and tendons need. And, since the tendons in the lower back have more pressure on them than any other they tend to lose strength before any other.

If this type of lower back pain continues long enough, the discs in the low back will start to bulge. Usually it is the one between L5 and the sacrum that will bulge, but sometimes the disc between L4 and L5 can be affected.

Adrenal fatigue lower back pain can almost always be treated by treating the adrenals holistically. Bulging discs can be successfully treated using holistic methods about 95 percent of the time, often by simply treating the adrenals, but sometimes other techniques are needed.

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If a bulging disc is left untreated long enough there is a very good chance it will herniate, that is it will break in such a way that the contents will leak out into the surrounding tissue. This is usually very painful. A herniated disc can be treated holistically, but it takes a very long time and isn’t always successful. While there are surgeries that can help, they aren’t always successful. Often a combination of surgery and holistic treatment works best.

Most doctors consider that the adrenal glands are functioning or they aren’t. For them there is no grey area where they can be partially functional, or partially dysfunctional. Holistic healers have long known that the adrenals can be less than fully functional, and that they can be healed. easily in most cases.

The adrenals become weakened by stress. They are designed to deal with stress by releasing very powerful hormones to compensate for what happens in the body. Dietary stress is usually the main factor though emotional and environmental stress can contribute, or even be the primary cause.

The adrenals respond to stress by compensating with hormones that are designed for survival. They are there to get the person away from the situation, or allow them to fight for their life, the fight or flight response. If the stress continues for a long time the adrenals cease to be able to respond which is when serious problems like lower back pain happen.

While the body is designed to deal with stress through the use of these powerful hormones, we didn’t evolve to deal with stress happening all day every day! And, that causes its own set of problems.

One of the problems caused by persistent stress is that the adrenals become exhausted. Try as they might, they just can’t keep up. One reason is the nutrients needed to make the hormones become depleted. Another cause is just sheer exhaustion! They can only do so much before they cease to function normally which is greatly compounded by the lack of the nutrients they need to function.

Different holistic systems say there are either three, four or five phases of adrenal exhaustion depending on which system you study. But, they all agree that by the time you get to phase three adrenal exhaustion you will have several symptoms. Check out 50 symptoms of adrenal fatigue to see which ones you have.

The most common cause of adrenal exhaustion, the most common stressor, is a diet rich in sugar and processed foods. Processed foods are made with grains that have been ground and made into products like bread, chips, pasta and such, pretty much what most people in first world countries eat several times a day. And, that means stress several times a day!

Healing adrenal fatigue related lower back pain requires a lifestyle change for most people. There are herbs and supplements that can greatly speed up the process, but they are mostly useless without removing the stress that caused the condition in the first place. But, if all you do is change your diet, then you are most of the way to ending your lower back pain.

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