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Balance Sugar And Reverse Diabetes

Balance Sugar And Reverse Diabetes

The one thing the human body always strives to keep in perfect balance is the amount of sugar in the blood. It will do everything it can to keep the level perfect, even at the expense of every other system. This can cause great harm if we  don’t give it some help. 

In fact, almost all modern disease conditions are caused by blood sugar problems, or more accurately, by the body striving by all means to keep that balance in the face of high blood sugar. This includes heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes, most forms of arthritis, insomnia, most gut problems and a lot more, all the way down to acne. 

There are a couple of Applied Kinesiology (AK) tests to find sugar circuit imbalance. The two main tests are demonstrated in the video above. I won’t describe them in detail here since it is much easier to watch the short video. The second test is a muscle test for what is called a psychological reversal. 

There are several different psychological reversals. One has to do with being locked into a major state of fight or flight. There are a lot of problems that can come from being in a permanent state of fight or flight, one of them is that the sugar circuit will be out of balance. 

Most of the body’s systems are turned off when it is in fight or flight, most are mentioned in the article linked above. In fact, only two or three systems are left to function; the ones that help you run away or fight for your life. Everything else is turned off in favor of survival from imminent threat.

You feel hungry when blood sugar is low. Blood sugar goes up when you eat which makes you stop feeling hungry. This is especially true when we eat carbohydrates which includes vegetables. That is normal, what is supposed to happen. It is what the body was designed to do. 

But, there is a big problem if the sugar levels are really high like after eating a sugary treat, or a big meal of fast carbs like pasta. When that happens, the body responds by sending out too much insulin. 

Humans didn’t evolve with an ever present availability of fast carbohydrates like sugar and ground up grains (bread, pasta, chips etc.). It doesn’t have a way to deal well with our modern diet, at least not several times a day all year long.

The excess insulin drives too much sugar into the muscles and liver where they are converted to triglycerides which are stored in fat tissue. Triglycerides are what cause “cholesterol problems,” not eating fats like so many people believe from years of government propaganda that started from an article by a non-scientist in the ’50s. Sorry, rant over. 

Of course, a high carb diet leads to type two diabetes. Interestingly, humans would not have survived if it weren’t for type two diabetes. From the explanation above you can see how type two diabetes causes weight gain with all the excess sugar being stored as triglycerides. If it weren’t for that mechanism our ancestors would not have been able to fatten up for the winter by eating the abundance of sweet fruit at the end of the growing season. 

So, we all crave sweets and other fast carbs because we are descended from the survivors. The problem is that these fast carbs are always available! And we crave them, so an overweight population is the natural result. 

Unfortunately, insulin isn’t only the start of hormones being released after eating poorly. A veritable biochemical nightmare happens when we eat lots of fast carbs. Along with insulin, powerful steroids are released, fight or flight hormones. Yes, eating sugar will put your body into a state of fight or flight with all the problems that comes with that state of hyper-vigilance. 

From that point, most major health issues can be traced biochemically from the effect of these hormones. While hormones are needed for the body to function normally, and the body will recover from a little sugar abuse, too much for too long causes disaster. 

Reverse Diabetes

Think about our ancestors going into type two diabetes every year by eating fruit to fatten up for the winter. During the next season they spent a lot of time not getting enough to eat. And, opposed to lying around all day eating fruit, they get a lot of exercise chasing animals that were the main food available in winter. That caused type two diabetes to reverse! The body quickly returns to a normal and balanced state. 

Every overweight client I’ve ever had has quickly reversed type two diabetes once they started losing weight. That’s just about all it takes! Of course, we speed things along by balancing their sugar circuit with AK techniques, supplements and herbs. 

Actually, after years of poor diet it becomes necessary to use alternative techniques to bring balance back in a reasonable length of time. This is fairly easy to do, and it can be done with a phone session. One of the first things I check with every client every time I see them is their sugar circuit. It is that important. 

Contact me and I’ll balance your sugar circuit for you. In fact, for the next six months I’ll do it for free! Send me your phone number, time zone and a good time to call, and we can get started soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll extend the offer. Send me a message to find out, and to set up a time we can talk.

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