Being Locked in a Fight or Flight Reaction Can Cause Multiple Health Issues

Fight or Flight

The fight or flight response is an instinctual reaction to danger. It is what causes your heart rate rises when a dangerous situation suddenly happens, like a car suddenly cutting you off. The reaction is okay in the short term, but what happens when the body gets stuck in the reaction long term?

It’s almost obvious. We can fight for a certain amount of time. Or, we can run for a certain amout of time. We can’t do either one 24/7. But, that is essentially what the body is doing when it gets stuck in the reaction. And, the damage that would happen to the body from running or fighting for days on end is analagous to what happens when someone gets stuck in fight or flight.

What happens is that powerful chemicals are released that speed up the systems needed to survive at the expense of every other system being shut down so resources can be diverted to deal with the imediate situation. This is devestating when maintained long term.

Some of the systems that are shut off have to do with procreation, cellular repair, the immune system, digestion, and even thinking. So, people with long term problems in any of these areas could be dealing with being stuck in a fight or flight reaction.

The way we get stuck is that the emotional reaction caused it on doesn’t get released. In general, we have to suppress reactions because of sociatal constraints. We can’t fight the person who cut us off, or run away from an upset boss. In order to live in today’s society we have to act a certain way that simply doesn’t allow for the release of the emotions.

Ancient humans allowed their emotions to flow. They got intensely angry and fought off an attack, or they ran away just as hard as they could. The chemicals were released from the system. And, emotions were allowed to flow out from the physical activity. (If you want to change your mood, get up and move!)

There are different levels of the reaction, but they all involve the release of very powerful steroid chemicals that cause multiple reactions in the body. Some healing modalities call the most intense reaction that can happen a Massive Psychological Reversal. This video explains what that is and how it is cleared with Applied Kinesiology.

You can contact me for a low cost phone/Skype healing session to see if you have this going on, and to clear it fast.

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