Holistic Flu Treatment

Flu Treatment

Flu season is here, and there has already been too much sadness in the news. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a lot of things that can be done to avoid the flu, and several that can be done to minimize the impact. In most cases, an Applied Kinesiology (AK) flu treatment can almost completely eliminate the flu, or at least greatly reduce the symptoms and time to heal.

My daughter hasn’t had the flu in almost ten years now. She’s had it come on, but one call to her holistic healer father and the next day she’s fine. We’ve even turned it around with some of the kids she spends time with too. This is just one of the things a healing phone session is good for. Here’s how the flu treatment works.

There are three things that are necessary to get the flu. And, the virus isn’t one of them! Don’t get me wrong, you still want to avoid contact by washing your hands often and not touching yourself in your eyes, mouth or nose unless you’ve just washed. Ok, we can call that one a bonus. Even though there are three main factors that all have to be in place to get the flu, there are many more things you can do to prevent getting sick, and recover fast.

First, and most importat, is that the mechanism your body uses to keep its blood sugar balance must be fully functional. In AK this is called your sugar circuit. You can not get the flu if your sugar circuit is balanced.

Your sugar circuit can be balanced with a phone or Skype session in about five minutes, fifteen in extreme cases. You can help a great deal by not eating high glycemic foods like sugar, that includes ALL “healthy sugars” except for Stevia and alcohol sugars, ground up grains and sweet fruits. Exercise can help a lot.

But, even if you have a great diet, your sugar circuit can still get out of balance. Emotions have such a huge effect on your blood sugar balance that one of the best ways to balance it is to use an emotion clearing technique.

That says a lot about the power of our mind and emotions. Any major stress can throw your body completely out of balance and cause major problems.

The second major factor that has to happen to get the flu a clogged lymph system. That causes the lymph system to become blocked up which cause an accumulation of lymph in the surrounding tissues. That is why a flu comes with muscular soreness.

The lymphatic system eliminates the trash from the body. It is so pervasive in the body that it is often called the second circulatory system.

The cells in your body are living organisms that bring in nutrients and eliminate by products that are created from living, which is normal metabolism. The blood brings in the nutrients, and the lymph takes out the waste.

There are nine main lymph pumps in the body. Two in the hips, two in the arm pit/upper pectoral area, two in the upper back, two under the collar bones and one in the middle of the breast bone. While the blood is pumped by the heart, the lymph pumps get their pumping action from the swinging of the arms and legs as you walk.

One of the two reasons the flu is most common during the cold months is because people don’t get enough exercise. If you don’t walk at least 20 minutes a day the garbage the lymph glands collects gets backed up causing lymph pumps to become blocked.

Another function of the lymph pumps, or lymph glands which are concentrated in the pump areas, is to kill off pathogens. And, part of the trash the lymph takes out is bacteria and viruses that build up the body. So, you can have the flu virus in your body, but the lymph system keeps the numbers down below the threshold that would make you sick.

Many healers say that most people already have the viruses that cause colds and flu. Yes, all colds are from viruses. Especially in the flu season. The reason you don’t get sick is because the other factors needed to get sick aren’t in place.

Which leads us to the third factor that must be present to get the flu; insufficient vitamin D. One of its jobs is to activate the part of the immune system that destroys viruses.

The second reason the colder months is flu season is because people don’t get outside and into the sun which reacts with oils in your skin to make vitamin D. This is especially true for people who live further away from the equator. In those areas, the angle of the sun in winter months hitting the ground is too steep to make vitamin D.

Vitamin D is made in the skin. Oils in the skin is converted by the sun’s rays into vitamin D. The best way to get D is to get pink from the sun, ideally over at least 40 percent of your body. That much area getting pink produces between 100,000 and 250,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D.

As you get more tan the amount decreases, so it is self regulating. And, the darker you are, the less vitamin D your skin can produce for the same reason. And, it is really hard to over dose on vitamin D. There actually aren’t any cases of that happening, so it is better to take too much than to get too little.

The ideal dose depends on your weight. But the general guideline is 5000 IU a day for someone weighing 150 pounds. If you suspect you are low, then you can take more for a month or two to get your levels up. Ideally, you would get a blood test and your doctor can tell you what is best for you.

I know a woman who’s vitamin D levels were so low that her doctor had her taking 150,000 IU a day for over a month! She was elderly, and never got in the sun at all which explains how that happened.

And of course, there are many things you can do to prevent the flu. Curing it, or at least decreasing its effect so it is eliminated much faster with AK is pretty easy. Writing about it is quite a bit more involved, and this is already very long. Perhaps the best thing you could do would be to contact me for a phone or Skype session to see what would be best for your system.

A phone session doesn’t have to cost that much either. I charge on a sliding scale because I don’t believe in letting money get in the way of good health.

So, you can help keep yourself from getting the flu by eliminating sugar and processed foods, exercising regularly and taking taking vitamin D when you don’t get enough sun. And, if you think you are starting to get sick, or you get the flu, contact me for a phone or Skype session. You won’t be sorry, or there is no charge.

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