Man Broke Neck During Chiropractor Treatment

Chiropractic Neck Adjustment

I saw this headline from the BBC today, happened in York, England. It reads: Man ‘broke neck during chiropractor treatment.’ This can NEVER happen with Self Adjusting Technique.

In partial defense of the chiropractor, there was an accident where the table failed somehow, and collapsed or partly collapsed. Also, the man was elderly.

But! He was already experiencing pain and immobilization before the table dropped. And, anytime you are working with someone older or infirm you really need to take extra precautions. But, she did not, and the poor man ended up with a broken neck. I’m sure it was from the fall, but she should have listened to him when he told her she was hurting him. She basically ignored him and continued to work on him anyway.

The reason chiropractic adjustments can cause injury is because they use force. In fact, they always cause injury! The soft tissue around joints can not be forced that way without at least some swelling. Some chiropractors wisely ice their client after an adjustment.

I have treated many people who were injured by a chiropractor. I am very grateful that everyone who came to me with that problem was able to be healed. Fortunately, most were not hurt too badly. But still, they were left with something that didn’t clear up until they saw me.

My very good friend and mentor Dr. Larry Gertler was the only chiropractor I ever got a standard chiropractic adjustment from that didn’t hurt. Even so, he loved my gentle method of adjusting, He even took my workshop.

The way I learned holistic healing from him was to observe him with his clients. After the first time I adjusted him he started having me adjust people who were either scared of chiropractic adjustments, or if they were elderly or infirm.

He was completely blown away that first time I adjusted him for a neck problem. I found the area that needed work and even before doing anything he was surprised. He said, “Wow, you know exactly where you are! Your hands are amazing!!”

Even so, he was disappointed that I didn’t do a chiropractic adjustment. Many people are because it can feel really good to get cracked. One of the main reasons for this is the endorphins that are released when a joint is cracked. This is amplified when the crack is in the spine.

But, I did the soft adjustment I do, and I could tell it went well. At first he didn’t think I had gotten it because it was so gentle, and he didn’t get that satisfying crack. But, once he moved his head around a few times he found that the pain was gone.

This happens so often that I have come to expect it. I’ve gotten to where I even tell people that the adjustment is done. Instead I ask them to move the way that hurt when they came in to see if there is any difference. They are usually amazed to discover that the pain is gone.

I call this method of adjusting Soft Tissue Adjusting Technique. It is similar to methods that osteopaths develop for their every gentle soft tissue adjustments. And, people can do it for themselves! I call that method Self Adjusting Technique. You can get my book that includes videos showing how to gently adjust your neck, back, hips and ribs.

Self Adjusting Technique doesn’t include adjustments for the arms, legs, feet and hands mainly because it is very difficult to find the right adjustment. But, you can still adjust your own extremities with a Skype session. Video works best so I can be sure you are doing the right thing, and not hurting yourself.

You can contact me for a low cost session any time. I will get back to you within two days unless something different is happening in my life, and I almost always get back within a few hours. Let me know what you need! You might be surprised at what can be accomplished in a single phone or Skype session. Finally, I charge on a sliding scale, so money isn’t an issue if you want to heal.

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