Muscle Testing To Find The Perfect Treatment

Muscle testing is used in Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool. It can be spookily accurate in many cases, but it depends on how it is used. The basic idea behind muscle testing is that the body has innate knowledge of itself which can be taped into by testing muscle strength to get a yes or no response.

The short video above is a simple demonstration of muscle testing and how it works. But, you may be interested in knowing more about it as well as a couple of interesting examples.

First, the body is made up of trillions of cells. The exact number is uncertain, but it is between 30 and 40 trillion. Some estimates go up to 724 trillion. While each of these countless cells basically function according to biochemical reactions, they each ‘know’ what to do according to your DNA. In other words, they each have an internal knowledge that makes it possible for each individual cell to work with all the other cells in the body.

There is a lot more that could be said about exactly how this knowledge is accessed, but that is explained in detail in two article. If you are interested, here is the first one on how to muscle test, and here is the second on how muscle testing works.

A great advantage muscle testing has is that it can be done remotely. The tester needs to be in contact with the one they are testing, that depends on the ability of the tester. one of the best uses of this is with a phone or Skype session.

Also, it is possible to self test. Unfortunately, that isn’t always accurate if the person testing themselves attached to the outcome. In other words, if you self test to find out if it is okay to have some ice cream, you will find that is perfectly okay even if it is the worst possible thing for you to do. But, when not invested, such as when surrogate testing about someone else, then the results will be much more accurate.

I use self muscle testing to surrogate test phone session clients. The results have been incredibly accurate. I’ve had people’s health change to such a degree that their doctor agreed that they were on the right track. In one instance a phone client was able to avoid back surgery as advised by their surgeon.

I’ve had many other seeming miracles that were facilitated by muscle testing. One of the most amazing is my friend who avoided a heart transplant. She had received a heart when she was six. It failed and they gave her another when she was seven. I met her when she was 16, at about 19 something was going on and her cardiologist put her on the list to get another in the next two or three years.

The issue had to do with the heat staying up in place. She was a little vague about it, but with the help of another practitioner while I muscle testing we were able to find more about what was going on and then found three whole food supplements to give her for it.

Ten days after starting the supplements her doctor took her off the list. She is now 37, and that same heart is still going strong, and still a good friend of mine. In fact, she’s a medic in the army which is a heavy load to bear, but she loves it and has no problem leading her team.

One of my favorite examples of how muscle testing literally told me exactly what to do isn’t nearly as spectacular. Still, if it weren’t for the body’s innate intelligence telling me what to do I wouldn’t have been able to help this young woman.

She was in her mid twenties with a problem in the back of her thigh. The muscles had been giving her trouble for a few months. I don’t remember exactly what she said the symptoms were except that it was always hurting and she had trouble walking because of it.

She was extremely reluctant to come to see me since she had already been to over 20 different doctors and various healers and body workers that had no effect on her at all. But, she had heard about me and decided to chance it even though she had to drive over an hour to get to me.

I had absolutely no idea of what to do! Nothing fit within my knowledge of biochemistry, several body work systems I know, or what I know of body dynamics at all. So, I started with the basics, what I normally clear with all clients before going after their primary complaint.

That all went well, so I started ‘talking to her body’ about what was going on and what to do to help clear up the problem. This involved going over every technique I know until the muscle test indicated the one to use. I knew something would help because I started with asking if I had something in my bag of tricks that would help her. That test said “yes.”

After going through over a dozen possibilities I finally got an answer as to which technique to use; my own style of what I call pressure point technique. It’s something that isn’t unique, but I have my own tricks I use to make it more effective.

Next, I had to find the exact points to work, so again I asked her body. There were a few other factors to discover about exactly how to approach it which her body told me.

Then I stated digging in. I used so much strength I’m sorry to say I bruised her. She ended up with a few finger sized bruises on her thigh. But, she was completely out of pain and she was finally able to use her leg normally. She was ecstatic! And, in total disbelief.

Her leg tightened up a little over the next couple of days, so she came back for another treatment which was all it took. I apologized for busing her, but she didn’t mind at all. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to use some of my exotic Chinese herbal liniment I had made a few years before, if I had she wouldn’t have bruised at all. I’m always learning.

I have many more examples, perhaps I’ll write some more if there’s interest. Even though I know a lot about the body and how to heal, I don’t know everything, no one does. Fortunately, the body does! All you need is to know how to ask and it will guide you to perfect health.

You can have great health too. It really isn’t that hard to do. A simple phone session with me can help you in ways you can’t imagine. And, it doesn’t have to cost that much either! My rate is based on a sliding scale with the max being what is in the rates tab above. And, I’ve gone below my minimum for people who have been sick for so long that they have no money at all. And, there is no charge if you don’t feel like you’ve been helped.

The next thing is for you to contact me to see if I might be able to help you, and to set a time to talk. You will be satisfied, guaranteed.

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