Muscle Testing Part Two: How Muscle Testing Works

In part one, How to Muscle Test, the basics of how to do a muscle test were covered. How muscle testing works is covered here in part two. Future articles will cover how to insure an accurate test and how to self test.

At first glance muscle testing doesn’t seem very scientific. It appears to border on psychic phenomena. How can the body talk? How can this collection of cells communicate with the outside world? After all, the brain contains our consciousness doesn’t it?

Consider an amoeba, a single celled animal which possesses a degree of intelligence. That is, an amoeba can learn. An amoebas diet consists of decaying particles of vegetative mater. An amoeba will eat particles that you put in its environment. However, if you feed it something with no nutritive value it will eat it, but then it will spit it out. And, if that amoeba encounters a particle like that again, it won’t eat it. It learned that that particular substance isn’t useful for it.

If an amoeba has that ability to learn and know, then it is reasonable to think of each cell in the human body as having an ability to learn and to know. The innate intelligence of the human body could be considered to be the collective intelligence of the trillions of cells that make it up. This innate intelligence can be tapped into with muscle testing.

Each of the body’s cells has an electrical charge to it that can be measured. The cells are each, in essence, a small battery. These trillions of cells together create an electrical field. It is well known that the body has an electrical field, an energy field all around it. This energy field can be affected by any of several ways. And, this affect can be detected by a change in muscular strength.

When the strength of a muscle is tested, and the person being tested resists, the normal response is for the muscle to hold keeping its strength. For example, if you press down on someone’s outstretched arm and they resist the arm will stay strong. It may bend, but it doesn’t just go weak. This is a single challenge for which the body will normally stay strong.

However, if the body is confronted with another challenge at the same time it must prioritize the seriousness of the two challenges. For example, if you were to place a noxious substance within the body’s energy field while testing the strength of a muscle, the body must prioritize which challenge is a greater threat.

Obviously, the noxious substance is the priority challenge to consider, so the body lets go of the attention it has on the muscle that is being tested so that the arm easily goes down. Therefore, the body’s innate intelligence has the ability to prioritize two challenges. Used in this way, muscle testing can be used as a diagnostic tool.

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