Heal Your Back Pain Fast!

Holistic healing is proven to heal back pain faster and better than any other method. Different types of back pain require different healing methods. Learn the holistic technique that will heal your back pain fast!

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Neck Pain Relief

Have you ever woken up with a sore or even painful neck? You probably slept in a twisted position without knowing it which caused the vertebrae to go out of alignment. When that happens most people will put up with the pain until it works itself out. It can take a full day, often even [...]

Lower Back Pain Relief

The main cause of lower back pain is adrenal fatigue. This video explains the connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-9DIQvmndA There are other causes of lower back pain, but they only show up about 20 percent of the time. You can see if you have any of the other 49 symptoms of adrenal fatigue by getting this free report. [...]

Hot or Cold for Back Pain?

A question a lot of people have about back pain injuries is whether to use hot or cold to treat it. A very good question to ask since there are a couple of factors to consider. Lets look at when to use hot or cold for back pain, and what each do to help Most [...]

Low Testosterone

Hormonal changes happen to both men and women as they age. These changes are normal with minor if any symptoms. However, it is very common for symptoms to occur with people who eat a modern diet. This article discusses testosterone, the causes of low T and what can be done to help increase it. Testosterone [...]

Vegetarian Health

Vegetarians, in general, will have a hard time healing from adrenal fatigue and most other conditions. The reason has to do with heredity, humans have to eat animal protein to stay healthy or to heal. However, there are things that vegetarians can do. That’s what this article is about. Humans Need Animal Protein The reason [...]

My new book is finally out! It’s called “Eliminate Fat Hormones for Weight Loss and Health –Lose Weight and Prevent Cancer with Supplements.” A very promising title, but it delivers. It’s about how the liver detoxes hormones that can cause fat to deposit. The same hormones can prevent the body from shedding those pounds. The [...]

I Can’t Get Better

Do you find yourself saying “I can’t get better. No matter what I do I just don’t seem to heal from the health problems I have.” If so, the most common cause is being stuck in a state of fight or flight. What the Fight or Flight Response Does to Your Body When in fight/flight [...]

Some pretty interesting health news lately. First the large soft drink cup thing in New York, and now Disney is going to stop advertising junk food. I’m particularly excited about Disney. The only thing I can’t figure out is why did they wait so long? It only makes sense to their bottom line to help parents [...]

An article I wrote on hormone replacement therapy got some strong responses from women who thought I was wrong in denouncing hormone replacement therapy. However, recent government reports are supporting this view. Here is some of the biochemistry for why I think natural techniques are much better than HRT. The Body’s Chemical Balance The body [...]

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