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Some pretty interesting health news lately. First the large soft drink cup thing in New York, and now Disney is going to stop advertising junk food. I’m particularly excited about Disney. The only thing I can’t figure out is why did they wait so long? It only makes sense to their bottom line to help parents [...]

An article I wrote on hormone replacement therapy got some strong responses from women who thought I was wrong in denouncing hormone replacement therapy. However, recent government reports are supporting this view. Here is some of the biochemistry for why I think natural techniques are much better than HRT. The Body’s Chemical Balance The body [...]

Sugar Makes You Dumb

A recent study shows that fructose makes rats dumber. They don’t perform as well as non-sugar eaters in maze tests. The same thing happens to a human brain. Here’s how that works and what you can do about it. The title says sugar because white sugar and fructose are nearly the same thing. What is [...]

A great way to get information about your specific health issue is with a phone session. This is something I have been doing successfully for over twenty years. Not only can you get suggestions for your specific issues, but many treatments can also be done over the phone. This article is about what can be [...]

A recent analysis of 63 studies showed a decrease in antibiotic related diarrhea when probiotics were used. I’ve been telling people that antibiotic usage causes gastrointestinal symptoms for years. If you’ve ever taken antibiotics you may have noticed that your stool got very small. The reason is that a significant portion of it is made up of [...]

How to Alkalize Your Body

Having a less acidic body is something that everyone should desire. A healthy body is slightly acidic overall. Getting that way is not hard, but it isn’t done with what you eat which is what most people think. A little biochemistry, simplified of course, tells you how to alkalize your body the right way. One [...]

Allergy Treatment

Allergies are far more widespread than you might think, particularly when the more broad definition that Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses. The good news is that AK has an effective energy technique that can quickly eliminate allergic reactions. Even so, the underlying factor must be resolved or the allergy is likely to come back. In AK [...]

My Healing Crisis

The article I wrote the other day about the unfortunate woman who died from practically living on Coca Cola brought a lot of comments and emails. It also made me remember how I almost did the same thing to myself, but in a different way. So, I thought I’d tell you my story. I already [...]

Coca Cola can be Deadly

An interesting story was released yesterday about a 30 year old woman who drank 7 liters of coca cola a day, that’s almost two gallons, that lead to her death. It really is too bad that most people don’t really know much about health and what causes disease. Even the simple fact about how bad sugar [...]

A recent long term study conducted with 60,000 nurses shows that prescription long term hormone replacement causes cancer. Even though single hormone therapy has demonstrated good results, the longer the therapy continues the greater the risk. Treatment that includes both estrogen and progestin, the most common therapy, can increase breast cancer risk. But, a recent study shows [...]

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