Long Term Hormone Replacement Causes Cancer

Long Term Hormone Replacement Causes Cancer

Long Term Hormone Replacement Causes Cancer

A recent long term study conducted with 60,000 nurses shows that prescription long term hormone replacement causes cancer. Even though single hormone therapy has demonstrated good results, the longer the therapy continues the greater the risk.

Treatment that includes both estrogen and progestin, the most common therapy, can increase breast cancer risk. But, a recent study shows that estrogen alone can even slightly decrease cancer risk. However, the new study shows that taking estrogen for 10 years or more increases the risk.

Doctors recommend that the lowest dose possible should be taken to minimize the risk. But, there is still a risk!

There’s Another Option
The real reason that women need to take hormone replacement is that the adrenal glands aren’t working correctly. When the body stops producing female hormones the adrenal glands are supposed to take up the slack.

While the adrenals won’t produce hormones at the same levels as premenopausal women, they do produce enough to keep menopause symptoms from happening. In fact, as common as menopause symptoms are, they are not normal.

When women who eat whole foods with a minimum of grains reach menopause the only symptom they have is that bleeding stops.

There are other factors involved in keeping the adrenal glands healthy. Plenty of sleep, low stress levels and keeping your body detoxified are the top factors needed to keep the adrenal glands healthy.

If you are already experiencing menopause symptoms there is a lot you can do other than taking hormones. Adjusting your lifestyle to that mentioned above is the first step. Then you will need herbs and supplements for adrenal fatigue.

The above link is my best protocol for adrenal fatigue. It’s perfect for most people though some may require more radical intervention. You can learn more about adrenal fatigue from my book.

The herbs and supplements can be hard to find online. I can arrange for them to be sent to you if you like. They are the best quality available, I’ve seen them work for hundreds of people where others have failed.

There are other things you might need for menopause symptoms if the adrenal glands are particularly weak. One of the best is the herb Chaste Tree. I’ve seen it literally stop a hot flash in its tracks. However, the only one I’ve ever seen really work is from MediHerb. Same issue though, it’s not easily available, and others don’t usually have the quality to work.

As you might expect, individual needs can vary. I am available for phone consultations if you’d like to have me find exactly what is right for you. You can contact me at the link which is the same as the contact tab above.

While long term hormone replacement therapy can cause cancer you don’t have to use it for relief from menopause symptoms. Holistic methods starting with treating adrenal fatigue have great results. And, you can contact me to find a the right treatment for your particular case.

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