Adrenal Fatigue Herbs And Supplements

Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Glands

A lot of questions come in all the time about what to do for adrenal fatigue. There is one article on adrenal fatigue supplements and herbs the site already with a good protocol that I used with a lot of success. It works better for some people, but most do as well or better with this protocol.

The Phases Of Adrenal Fatigue
There are three phases of compensation that the adrenal glands go through when dealing with stress. The first stage is normal, increased production and release of cortisol, the primary stress hormone, and DHEA, the primary sex hormone precursor. What each of these hormones do and how they are effected by internal and external issues  is a very interesting study that would easily fill several books. For now though, just accept that they help the body deal with stress on several levels.

In phase I the adrenal glands produce more cortisol and DHEA to compensate for the stress. The levels go up then down when the stress is over.

When the adrenals start to weaken they compensate by producing less DHEA because sex is far less important than dealing with an immediate threat. This is phase II adrenal compensation.

In phase three compensation the adrenals are too weak to produce both hormones.

These things all happen at irregular intervals with hormone levels showing normal at times, but there is a general loss of these hormones and a degeneration of the individual as the levels continue to drop.

Fight Or Flight
A big part of the protocol for helping the adrenal glands is to get the body out of the fight or flight response. Phase three compensation is basically being stuck in fight flight, phase two compensation is also a degree of fight flight, just not as intense. And, phase I is the normal, deal with the issue, then relax, in and out of flight or flight right away.

Which phase compensation you are in can be determined with a saliva test done at a reputable lab. I give other ways to tell in my book, Adrenal Fatigue, Get Your Life Back. But, most people don’t realize that there is an issue until they are in phase three.

There are contraindications for taking these herbs. Nursing or pregnant women should always consult a professional before taking such a strong protocol. Drenamine in particular should be avoided.

Licorice can raise blood pressure, so that may not be a good idea for some even though the dose suggested here is not high enough to effect most people’s BP. It would still be a good idea to check with a professional first.

Adrenal Fatigue Protocol
Herbs are best taken on an empty stomach, but that doesn’t mater as much as taking them. All herbs are from MediHerb because the quality is far superior to almost every other brand. I have never used them, but Kroeger herbs has a good reputation.

Nevaton Tablets: two or three a day. This is to calm the hypothalamus, to get you out of the fight or flight cycle, so notice the stress levels, see that they reduce. As many as four a day can be taken though you will probably be able to reduce the dosage once things start to feel better.

You can mix the liquid herbs and take them in two doses, morning and around noon. Add water, they’re very strong.

MediHerb Eleuthero Liquid 8 ml
MediHerb Licorice High Grade Liquid 4 ml
Ecchinecia Purpuria Liquid 6 ml (This one is less essential if you need to save some money, but it is just the thing for a lot of people.)

Standard Process supplement dosages are per day, take in two doses morning and night with food
Drenamine 6 Get a big bottle or three, they are great for maintenance @ 4 per day.
Cataplex B 4 Another great supplement as most are short on B6

If you can’t find the supplement and herbs on Amazon or elsewhere you can contact me for them.

Either this protocol or this adrenal fatigue protocol will work for most people. Very serious conditions may need something more. Also, adrenal fatigue naturally leads to other very serious conditions that should be directly dealt with first. At the very least, you can stop consuming processed foods, they are the real culprit in most serious medical conditions anyway.

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