10 Things You Can Do For Adrenal Fatigue

Tired Person in Penguin Suit

Tired Person in Penguin Suit

A few years ago I gave up my practice in Berkeley to do something completely different after my kids grew up. But, I remember those times well. Right now I would be receiving a large order of adrenal supplements and herbs. It’s that time of year again! Here are some suggestions to help you get through.

The adrenal glands really take a big hit when processed foods are added to the equation. And of course, this is the time of year when we do the most indulging, so there are many people who will be needing adrenal support. Perhaps you.

Adrenal Fatigue Herbs And Supplements
The first thing you might consider is taking some herbs and supplements to restore your adrenal glands to a pre-holiday condition. Right now would be a good time to order them so you can have them for after the first. Alcohol really does a number on the adrenal glands. You can read about my favorite adrenal supplements and herbs to find which ones.

Another thing you can do is what comes naturally. When the adrenals become exhausted they will often cause lethargy, lack of energy, loss of motivation, loss of sex drive, etc. There is a reason why you feel so tired: You need the rest! So, take some time off, let yourself recuperate.

Eat Well
Perhaps just about as obvious as getting rest is to stop eating junk! I guarantee that is the primary cause of seasonal adrenal fatigue. Eat plenty of animal protein and vegetables. Avoid processed foods completely, at least for a few days until you feel better.

Avoid Stress
This may be hard to do as adrenal fatigue will often put people on edge. Couples tend to have more conflicts, work relationships become strained and even friendships can be difficult when there isn’t enough of the feel good hormones that the adrenals produce and cause to be produced.

You may not feel like it, but a walk will do wonders for your adrenal glands. Exercise is essential to life as well as recovery. Avoid working out really hard bgecause over exercise can cause adrenal fatigue. A daily walk may be all that you need. Try to go for at least 30 minutes, more if you can, less if you need. One hour five or six times a week is ideal.

Change Your Thinking
Adrenal fatigue can be caused just by negative thoughts. It isn’t very commonly the only cause, but your thinking can definitely affect your health. The easiest thing to do when you notice negative thinking is to think of something very positive. You might even have a few things that you can think of to distract your negative thoughts. Take some time to figure out how you might be able to change your thinking, what you can change it to, but also how you might recognize more quickly that you have fallen into negative thinking.

The fight or flight response can be very intense. You probably don’t even realize how intense it is since most people have so much of it it just seems normal. But, you can really help your body just by taking time to breathe. Try to breath in your belly. Lie down and place a hand on your belly and one on your chest and practice belly breathing. This is diaphragmatic breathing which will cause your body to relax. Take slow breaths with a short hold at the top. Allow yourself the time to pay attention to your breathing for at least five minutes.

Meditation is not spiritual, but rather a form of self study and introspection. Take time to watch your thinking, to sit with yourself and watch your processes, mental and physical. Notice what your body feels, if you need to move or can you sit still? No judgements, just noticing how you really are. There is nothing to do about how you are, but noticing can help bring the desire to change. Forcing is not allowed, at least not while you’re taking time to be with yourself.

Many of these suggestions could be called relaxation. What I’m suggesting here though is a conscious effort to set time aside on a regular basis to just relax. It could be a long hot soak, or a trip to the stores, an action flick or anything that is relaxing to you. Even a few minutes at work just closing your eyes for a couple of minutes and focusing on relaxing your body can do a world of good. .

Take A Vacation
It takes a long vacation for most people to have complete relief from stress. I highly recommend that you take a relaxing vacation. Vacation length needs to be one week per ten years of age. So, if you’re 43 you would want to take a little more than four weeks of vacation to fully relax.

With these suggestions you can surely find your way to adrenal health. You can find even more information in my latest book, Adrenal Fatigue, Get Your Life Back.

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  • Christl Mar 4, 2011, 8:24 am

    I am a real exercise fanatic, Type A person, hence; Adrenal Fatigue. My nervous system is stuck in hypervigilance state, so I need to learn to relax. Too much Yang energy. What works wonders for me is Restorative yoga. Very calming to the nervous system. Make sure you cover your eyes to get a deep relaxing feel. Google it!

  • Kalidasa Mar 14, 2011, 7:22 pm

    That’s great! Getting a good nights sleep is another good one. Pitch black room is really important as light affects the neurotransmitters that have to do with sleep and waking.

    Get the tape out and cover those ready lights!

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