Antibiotic Usage Causes Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Antibiotic Usage Causes Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Antibiotic Usage Causes Gastrointestinal Symptoms

A recent analysis of 63 studies showed a decrease in antibiotic related diarrhea when probiotics were used. I’ve been telling people that antibiotic usage causes gastrointestinal symptoms for years.

If you’ve ever taken antibiotics you may have noticed that your stool got very small. The reason is that a significant portion of it is made up of the bodies of dead microorganisms that live in your gut. In the case of using antibiotics, there is a large die off resulting in a much smaller portion left to be excreted.

The Wrong Bacteria Causes Problems
Probiotics are the good for you microorganisms that live in your gut. However, if your gut bacteria isn’t so healthy with a lot of the wrong organisms living there, then you have what is called dysbiosis.

The organisms in your gut outnumber the total number of cells in your body, so you want to have the best ones that you can, especially since they have a significant effect on your health.

The gut flora that you have affects your gut health. Among other things, dysbiosis can cause depression and negatively affect your immune system.

As this study shows, a lack of them can cause diarrhea. What it didn’t show is which antibiotics were being helped by taking probiotics, or which probiotics were helpful since most of the individual studies didn’t track this.

One of the Best Probiotics to Take with Antibiotics
According to years of holistic health research, which includes many medical studies, the answer is pretty simple, lactic acid yeast.

Candida, the yeast that is bad for you, causes a lot of problems. Lactic acid yeast, a yeast that is helpful to the gut, reverses a lot of the damage that candida causes to the gut. One example is that candida creates the wrong pH so it can thrive, lactic acid yeast changes the pH back to what it should be.

And, lactic acid yeast is one of the toughest of all the probiotics, one of the few that is mostly able to survive antibiotics. Taking lactic acid yeast while on antibiotics will keep the gut bacteria active and healthy.

How to Get Lactic Acid Yeast
Lactic acid yeast is available in the air and each strain is specific to its location. It is what naturally leavens bread, and what makes cabbage turn to sauerkraut. Fermented vegetables are a perfect source of lactic acid yeast. This is especially true if you make your own sauerkraut, or buy locally because the local strain is the best to help your body deal with other bacteria in the environment. This is a great way to help with travelers gut (diarrhea).

Medical Science is Looking at Probiotics Again
Before antibiotics were discovered in the 1944, medical science was looking at probiotics as a way to prevent disease and increase health and vitality. After the first antibiotic was discovered that research was dropped by the medical community. Today, medicine is finally starting to realize that there is something to the microorganisms in the gut. Finally, after almost 70 years we are finally coming full circle.

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