Hormone Replacement Therapy Problems

Hormone Replacement Therapy Problems

Hormone Replacement Therapy Problems

An article I wrote on hormone replacement therapy got some strong responses from women who thought I was wrong in denouncing hormone replacement therapy. However, recent government reports are supporting this view. Here is some of the biochemistry for why I think natural techniques are much better than HRT.

The Body’s Chemical Balance
The body is an amazing machine with thousands of chemical processes happening all the time. There are feedback mechanisms in place to regulate all these reactions to keep the body in a delicate balance. Hormones are one of the biggest contributors to the body’s homeostasis or chemical balance.

Whenever anything not natural is added to the body there is a scramble to rebalance. Likewise, when there is a strong reaction in the body when it releases strong chemicals, there is a scramble to respond both for balance and the needed chemical reactions. This followed by system rebalancing that can take considerable time.

An example of this is when there is an immediate serious threat. The body responds with the fight or flight reaction. The primary hormone released is adrenaline which causes digestion, the immune system, reproduction and more to shut down. Other chemicals are released causing hundreds of reactions. It takes time for these reactions to stop and for balance to return. Sometimes, balance does not return without intervention.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Problems
Another example is when hormones are introduced into the body from an outside source. It doesn’t matter whether the hormones are from natural sources or chemically similar. A strong reaction happens in the body that needs to be brought into balance with the entire system.

Worst of all, with HRT, nothing is done to correct the reasons why the hormones were low or high in the first place. The body’s numerous feedback loops are bypassed which can cause hormone resistance or pituitary suppression.

Menopause symptoms may be common, but they are not normal. They are caused by a huge imbalance in the body that is usually brought on from a life of poor habits and exposure to toxins.

Causes of Menopause Symptoms
The main cause of these hormonal imbalances in most cases is a poor diet. But, plastics and pesticides are a huge toxic contributor. Hormones in meats and milk add to the toxic load. A liver that is congested so that it can not metabolizing toxins and hormones is another huge factor for many. Other factors include fungal infections like Candida, adrenal fatigue, allergies, hormone medications, nutritional imbalances and stress.

Using HRT may be OK as a short term measure if menopause symptoms are severe, however, I can not recommend it long term. A long term holistic approach is ideal. Using supplements, herbs and stress reduction to bring the body back into balance will not only insure relief from menopause symptoms, but will bring long term health benefits as well.

What You can do for Your Symptoms
There are a lot of factors involved in balancing hormones so that menopause symptoms are resolved. The list of supplements and herbs that are indicated for each system is very long.  Changing your diet to eliminate all sugars and ground up grains is a great way to start.

Bringing other systems back into functionality and balance takes skill. Of course, you could take a ton of supplements to insure you are getting the few you may need. But, most supplements and herbs are only needed short term. You can insure you are getting what you need by consulting with a professional. I recommend an Applied Kinesiology specialist if you can find a good one. Or, you can contact me for a phone healing session if you like.

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  • Sandra Hiser May 30, 2012, 12:03 pm

    I have to put myself in the company of those who disagree and protest your position. First, let us start with the fact that you have no personal experience or direct knowledge of the effects of hormone insufficiency. What do you consider ‘minor’ versus ‘extreme’ symptomology? Try putting yourself in sauna ten times during your work day and not consider it disruptive to your ability to function. And that is just one of the ‘minor’ symptoms. Then try on loss of energy, motivation, libido and suicidal depression!

    I had a hysterectomy and went on synthetic hormones which alleviated my symtoms. However, after hearing the research, I tried the natural approach of diet and herbs. Within three weeks I wanted to kill myself. The only logical and sane decision was to go back on HRT. Since then I have switched to bioidenticals.

    I was on Premarin for thirty years, now on bioidenticals for one year. I have had no cancers of any kind. What I have had is a full, productive and happy life that I would not have had otherwise.

    I know you have good intentions. But this is one subject you don’t know enough about to tout remedies from an assumed higher ground. And sticking to your position because you think WE don’t get it isn’t
    helping. You’re the one who doesn’t get it. Stick to other topics.

  • Kalidasa May 30, 2012, 1:32 pm

    @Sandra First of all, I write on such topics out of caring for people’s health. My experience, while not personal, comes from helping many women through such issues using natural methods. The methods I use I learned from a woman practitioner who helped a lot more clients than I have, including ones with the symptoms you mention.

    I don’t see that I assume a ‘higher ground.’ Using HRT is not necessarily a bad thing for the short term. It can be a viable way to alleviate symptoms until the natural methods can take effect. I get, to some degree, the intensity that many women experience with such hormone imbalances because I have seen it first hand in a couple of friends, and several clients. My mother also had a historectomy at a young age. She runs hot in general, but does not use HRT, and is doing really well at 76 years of age.

    I am glad you have not had any negative reactions or illnesses from the drugs. I wish you could have tried other methods before going on Premarin. The problem with having been on it for so long is that your body has likely developed hormone resistance which means that you probably will never be able to function well without hormones. Your happiness is the primary consideration as far as I’m concerned.

    I still think that women who have not been on HRT long enough to developed hormone resistance will, in almost all cases, be able to function without them.

  • Ginny May 30, 2012, 2:46 pm

    You talk about hormonal imbalance and HRT, but I am only 46 and I had a total hysterectomy (ooph0rectomy) and don’t have ovaries. How am I suppose to get my hormones in balance without HRT and/or ovaries?? Supplements? Just curious.

  • Kalidasa May 30, 2012, 2:57 pm

    @Ginny, the adrenal glands take over. They don’t produce the same amount as ovaries, but they can produce enough to keep good balance.

  • Lynda May 30, 2012, 4:31 pm

    I have to agree that Not putting more chemicals in our bodies is a good thing. I do know some women who go through tough times, I used to wake up at night and have to change clothes, night sweats, hot flashes, depression, on and on are not fun. However, I have seen first hand what chemicals “drugs” do to a body, it’s not pretty. The drug companies are making a killing, “killing” us. Wish I had your kind of help years ago when I needed it the most. Keep up the good work.

  • Kalidasa May 30, 2012, 6:08 pm

    Thank you, Lynda, I appreciate it.

  • Susan May 31, 2012, 12:08 pm

    A friend of mine has had a very healthy eating life for at least 10 -15 years now and has a healthy exercise life. She does not eat meat, milk, sugar, or ground up grains, and eats only organic foods. She is very aware to eliminate as many toxins in her body as she can. (At this point she can’t have that many.) She still has problems with hot flashes, as she is still going through menopause. She has tried many supplements to help this but none of them worked. (She said it was a waste of money.) How does she move forward to balance her hormones?

  • Kalidasa May 31, 2012, 1:40 pm

    @Susan There are so many other factors that could be causing her problem. I think I listed ten in this article. My first though is that it might be the liver not breaking down hormones correctly as mentioned in this liver detoxification article. I’m working on a book with more info, but this gives some of the main factors. There is one herb that is likely to give fast relief, though not a cure — Chaste Tree. The problem is quality, the only ones I know of that have worked for women I know are either from MediHerb, or one that someone made for themselves. Others are like your friend says, a waste of money.

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