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In part one, How to Muscle Test, the basics of how to do a muscle test were covered. How muscle testing works is covered here in part two. Future articles will cover how to insure an accurate test and how to self test. At first glance muscle testing doesn’t seem very scientific. It appears to [...]

Like so many other conditions found in this modern world, menstrual cramps are a result of diet. In this case, it is easy to correct with a simple dietary addition. The short answer… Omega three fatty acids. The reason Omega three fatty acids are the body’s only natural anti-inflammatory. They come from fatty fish like [...]

I thought I would write a short personal note from time to time. Today seemed like a good time since I wasn’t able to post yesterday because of the poor internet connection here in Bali. I have been here for some time working on a book that I hope to release soon. I have also [...]

Have you ever tried to quite eating sugar? It is so hard as to be almost impossible except for the most strong willed. After only a day or two the drive to sugar can be amazing! I completely empathize, I have had many starts with changing my diet. I finally found relief from the drive [...]

How to Muscle Test

Muscle testing is a diagnostic tool that relies on the body’s innate intelligence. When practiced by an accomplished muscle tester it is a good way to find out what is going on in the body. This article contains the basics of how to do a muscle test. Muscle testing is not hard to do, however [...]

Note: The information on this website is presented for educational purposes and is not a substitute for the advice of and treatment by a qualified professional. You have to ask yourself: with globalization of toxic substances, how safe is your health? The world today is a very toxic place. We produce tons of chemicals every [...]

Edit: There are now over 50 symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue that you can have for free. There is also a free report for what you can do to help heal the issue. Click on the Adrenal Fatigue book to the left and get your symptoms today. Do you feel tired all the time? Maybe you [...]

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