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Holistic healing is proven to heal back pain faster and better than any other method. Different types of back pain require different healing methods. Learn the holistic technique that will heal your back pain fast!

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Depression is a serious condition affecting millions of people. Prozak and other drugs in the same class have been used by some 40 million people world wide. That represents earnings of tens of billions of dollars for producer Eli Lilly. Now, there is evidence that these drugs don’t work. According to a paper published in [...]

10 Health Myths

Here are ten health myths and what is wrong with them. Myth #1: Saturated Fat is Bad The fact is that saturated fats are a necessary part of a healthy diet. The issue is the ratio of saturated fats to omega three fats. People eat too much saturated fats and not enough fish, the main [...]

Starting a Walking Routine

Walking could be called the best exercise in there is. The human body is designed to walk long distances. Studies show that walking improves overall health and vitality. Furthermore, it has been shown to help prevent disease including cancer and heart disease as well as numerous other health benefits. Walking is in Our Genes Our [...]

Weight loss, weight loss, everybody writes about weight loss. Different diets, cleanses, expensive pre-measured food… Whole books on weight loss. Well, enough! I am going to tell you in this one short article all you need to know about weight loss. From the simple chemistry of Biology 2110, to the little known liver functions that [...]

I get asked this question often, and the answer is simple and quick: Because it is POISON! I don’t eat sugar. I have had my problems quitting it. I don’t know how many times I quit for some period of time ranging from weeks to months. Once, when I was about 20, I quit for [...]

Yesterday Susan asked an excellent question. I started writing a reply, but it just got longer and longer until it became its own article. I tried to keep it short, but a major problem I have with this work is that there are so many factors that tie together that this seems impossible. I tried [...]

Heading Back December 4

Greetings all, My Bali days are now numbered. I have to return or lose my ticket. There are other reasons to head back to California too, so I’m off on December 4. I arrive the same day and head to a friend’s house in Santa Rosa to recover for a couple of days. Then I [...]

Why do weakened adrenals cause so many problems? What mechanisms are involved and how does this lead to so many major health issues? In this article we’ll look at some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and how low adrenal function is the cause. Insomnia and Sleep Issues Almost every sleep issue is an adrenal [...]

Some of the sickest people I have ever met thought they were exceptionally healthy, except for all those pesky symptoms. They had been following this or that fad diet and were sure it was right for them. Or, they were vegetarians or vegans who really weren’t — it turned out that they were really bagelarians! [...]

Lower back pain is one of the most common physical complaints today. In fact, nine out of ten Americans will experience back pain sometime in their life. There are many causes of low back pain, but one surprising cause is a tight muscle that is the deepest in the body, the psoas. The best relief [...]

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