Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain

The middle back is the back area with ribs. That part of the spine is called is the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine consists of twelve vertebra that each have a connection with two ribs. There are two main structural issues that can cause middle back pain.

The first is one or more vertebra being out of alignment. They almost always rotate to one side or the other and get stuck there. Of course, their function is to rotate so you can twist your body, the problem happens when muscles react and tighten which holds them in the rotated position.

The other problem that can cause middle back pain is a rib shifting out of alignment with its associated vertebra. Sometimes both misalignments happen together, that is one of the most uncomfortable situations. One of the worst is when ribs shift out of alignment toward each other. They can also shift away from each other which can also be pretty uncomfortable.

There are several causes of these misalignments. The first level has to do with impact or prolonged pressure on the bones. That can be a fall or banging into something in such a way that a rib or vertebra is knocked out of alignment, or an awkward position is held in such a way that there is pressure on one or more bones.

The next major cause, and this is the most common, has to do with emotions. Emotional components can get stuck in muscles causing tension that pulls a joint out of alignment. In this case the emotional component must be removed from the muscle or any adjustment to the joint will only give temporary relief; the tight muscle will pull the joint back out of alignment.

Clearing emotions from the body can be quickly and easily done by a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology (AK). These techniques have been available for over 40 years. There are two main ones, but both take more training than an article like this will allow.

Many chiropractors are proficient at various AK modalities, so it is best to find one of these to help with both removing the emotional component and realigning the joints for you. A chiropractor that doesn’t know how to remove emotions from their clients bodies is doing a great disservice.

There are two main types of chiropractic adjustments. The original technique is to use a thrust against a bone to push the joint back into alignment. These adjustments are usually accompanied with a crack as the joint is forced back into place. Sometimes it is painful, which causes many people fear this type of adjustment.

But there is another method that is much better than the thrust. It involves the use of a tool called an activator. Basically it is a rubber tipped rod that is spring loaded. The tool is placed against the joint or bone and activated causing a sharp jolt that knocks the joint back in place. It is still a littel forceful, but it doesn’t really hurt.

Then there is a method of adjusting that is called a Soft Tissue Adjustment. That involves gentle manipulations of the muscles and bones along with moving the body. The joints are gently coaxed back into alignment without force or pain, and usually without cracking. It is something a lot of osteopaths use to help their patients.

It is rare, but cracking can happen with a Soft Tissue Adjustment. I have never had any of the three or four people that cracked experience any pain with such an adjustment.

Now, Soft Tissue Adjustments can be self applied. This is called Self Adjusting Technique. It is done with a little pressure on the joint that is out of alignment and a body movement to move the joint. The pressure and movement are essentially the same thing the body always does to move joints back into alignment. In other words, it is a natural process.

The only thing you can’t do with Self Adjusting Technique is to clear emotions. But, it is possible with a technique called the Emotion Code, the only problem with that is how to identify the emotion. I am working on something for that though, something that people can successfully learn so they can self apply the Emotion Code. Until then though, you will need help clearing emotions so adjustments hold.

But, even without clearing emotions, using Self Adjusting Technique can still work. Since it is such a gentle technique you can simply adjust the area frequently enough that the emotions can still clear. I really need to write another article on how that process works.

Or, you can find a practitioner to clear the emotions for you. I am currently available for a phone or Skype healing session if you like. And, I charge on a sliding scale, I want people to heal, not break their bank. And, I only accept payment if people feel they get value.

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