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Holistic healing is proven to heal back pain faster and better than any other method. Different types of back pain require different healing methods. Learn the holistic technique that will heal your back pain fast!

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Welcome to Self Adjusting Technique. This site is dedicated to helping you with your holistic healing needs. It was originally designed to help with back pain, so that is it’s main focus. You can learn all about different back pain issues and some of the best treatments for them by getting the free book, Back Pain Secrets.

I am available for phone/Skype sessions, contact me anytime to set up a session. The success rate with remote sessions is remarkably high, and there is no charge if you don’t feel you get benefit.

Self Adjusting Technique is a series of techniques that allow you to self adjust your neck, back, hips and ribs without force, pain or cracking. The book includes great descriptions, photos and you can have access to videos demonstrating the techniques. The price has been recently reduced, so get your copy before the price goes back up.

There is also a lot of information on adrenal fatigue, the hidden condition that tends to baffle doctors. For them the adrenal glands either work or not, but there is a lot that can happen in between. They are the primary source for energy and the feel good hormones that keep us motivated. You can learn a lot more by getting the free list of 50 symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

There are also a lot of articles about other conditions and how to treat them holistically. The healing methods are powerful and proven. At some point some will be pulled as comprehensive books are written about some of the issues that are covered.

People also like to contact me directly for help with their issues. Charging on a sliding scale makes the cost affordable to everyone. You can request contact by sending an email through the contact form used on this site. Be sure to include times you are available and your time zone.

More videos and articles will be regularly added, so come back often to see what is new, or sign up for one of the mailing lists to be notified about new information on your topic of interest.

I love to help, so please ask questions! Perhaps you will inspire an article or video that can be helpful to others as well as you.

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Kalidasa holistic healer and nutritionist.