Adjusting Tools

Self Adjusting Technique Tools

A lot of questions come in about where to get the “S” curve massage tool for doing adjustments on the ribs in the back. So, I though I’d make this page to give some options.

Each of these work well for working on the back and other areas as well. And, they are all great for doing Trigger Point Therapy on yourself.

The Original Backnobber II

The Original Backnobber II massage tool

This first one is the one I use in the demonstrations for doing the adjustments in my book, Self Adjusting Technique. The really good thing about it is that it breaks down into two pieces which is nice if you travel. $29.85 last time I checked.

Body Back Buddy Classic

Body Back Buddy Classic massage tool

This one has it all. Of course, most expensive too — $34.95 when I put this together. I like the way it’s set up for doing triger point work on yourself. It’s too bulky for travel, but great for all kinds of self treatment.

The Original Backnobber

The Original Backnobber massage tool

I have to admit that I like this one the most. But, that comes from my background of working with tools. It’s the one I use in the videos that demonstrate Self Adjusting Technique. It’s made of steel and will take a pounding!

Body Back Buddy Jr.

Body Back Buddy Jr. massage tool

This is a good one that is a little smaller. It’s also good for trigger points like its big brother, just not quite as versitile. Great price at $28.50

Pressure Pointer

Pressure Pointer massage tool

For those who are really serious about getting rid of the knots in the back. It might be a little awkward for doing the adjustments, but I think it can be done. It certainly would let you work really deep into your back though!

Note: I have’t tested this tool, it just looks like it will work for doing self adjusting the ribs.

$59.95. I’d really like to know how this works for someone!