Fight or Flight

I Can’t Get Better

Do you find yourself saying “I can’t get better. No matter what I do I just don’t seem to heal from the health problems I have.” If so, the most common cause is being stuck in a state of fight or flight. What the Fight or Flight Response Does to Your Body When in fight/flight [...]

After the article on the fight or flight response came out I started getting requests for more information on how I release that from the body. Great questions. What is the fight or flight response? To review, the fight or flight response is an instinctual and physical reaction to a threat. This was very important [...]

Fight or flight is an instinctual response to threats. How this keeps you in disease and how to reverse the problem is of highest importance. You simply cannot get healthy when your body is revved up ready to run or fight all the time. The instinct of fight or flight causes some serious biochemical changes [...]

What Is Stress?

What is stress? is the top question that has been coming in lately. Technically stress is a chemical reaction in the body. There are different causes of stress, but what is important is how the body responds. Let’s look at some causes of stress as well as the reaction that happens in the body. Stress [...]

Fight flight is an instinctual response to a stressful situation. In ancient times our ancestors often needed to fight or give flight in order to survive. Today, we still have that same instinct along with the intense chemical responses that come with it. One problem is that we experience a lot more of it than [...]

A comment from Steve in 30 Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue — paraphrased: I read your article and thought I have alot of those symptoms. I am vegetarian (sometimes I eat cheese but rarely eat eggs, meat, or diary) because of IBS. Which really is annoying. Anyway 1/3 of my diet used to be potato chips [...]

I get a lot of questions about the adrenal glands, probably because I understand them so well. From the questions it is clear that a little understanding of how they work with other glands and how to treat the underlying issue of adrenal fatigue will be helpful.

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