HGH Human Growth Hormone




Human growth hormone. It keeps you young, strong, slim and even increases sex drive. But, how to get it activated in your body? All it takes is a little exercise and a few supplements.

As we age hgh levels decline. They come up naturally with exercise. In fact, just about any exercise will bring it up at least a little. If you want to bring it up a lot then you need to do a specific type of exercise.

Some people call it interval training, but it’s actually a little more intense than that, but over a much shorter time period than most interval training.

The basic technique is to work really hard for 30 seconds, then to recover for 90 seconds at your regular aerobic pace. You would then repeat the cycle five to eight times. Of course, you should start with a warm up for at least four minutes, and up to ten depending on what kind of shape you are in. And, you would want to include a short cool down at the end.

You can do this on exercise equipment, or find some hills to walk or run up for the intensity part of the cycle. I like getting outside, it offers many other benefits as well, though using something like a stationary bike is easier for keeping track of the time.

You can start slower and build up to this level if you need to. Or, if you are already in good shape you can probably just start at this level.

A 20 or so minute workout like this three times a week is all the aerobic exercise you need. More is better, perhaps a regular aerobic workout another couple of days, but that is up to you.

The reason this works is that you are pushing your aerobic ability. The body strives to adjust to this level of intensity, so it makes more hgh to accomplish that. Lifting weights after is ideal because the increased hgh levels cause muscle to build faster.

Another tip is to take a protein shake before your workout, that way there is protein available for muscle building. Be sure to use a good animal protein like whey or egg white protein. Plant based proteins don’t really work, especially for this technique.

The supplements the body needs to make hgh are contained in this supplement. In fact, you could just take it and your hgh levels would increase, it’s that powerful. But, combining the two, taking the supplement regularly and exercising as described, will give you the best possible benefit of this miracle hormone that your body makes on its own. No dangerous injections or pills needed.

Get started right away with this method of exercise. The supplement will get to you in a few days for their greatly added benefit. You are likely to notice a big difference in just a week or two at the most, even if you start out slowly.