Liver Cleanse

I have a long term debate going on with myself about which organ is the most important for great health; the liver or the intestines. Let’s look at the liver today.

The liver has over 300 known functions. It is the primary organ for eliminating toxins that come from the air and food we eat as well as the metabolic byproducts our body produces. Modern toxins are also filtered and detoxified, so it is even more important than it was for the first several million years of its evolution.

Since modern people eat so poorly the liver takes a huge hit losing function, becoming fatty and worse. There are so many problems that develop from a poorly functioning liver that I wouldn’t even try to list them all. For example, many types of cancer are caused from it not working right and many digestion problems stem from it. Energy is affected, mental acuteness, depression and many other conditions can be traced to the liver not being able to do its job correctly.

What you can do about this problem is to start eating better. We all know the things we really need to avoid; sugar and processed foods like, well anything made from ground up grains. Stop smoking, eating excess fatty foods, using plastics etc. Do exercise, drink filtered water, avoid drugs and alcohol, and eat plenty of vegetables, preferably organic.

I treat my liver extremely well. I plan on living a very long life and remaining active at least well into my 90’s. I do this with the above advice and more. The one other thing I do is take supplements and herbs that help the liver. I used to take so many things that you wouldn’t believe. Now though, I take only a couple including something like this great product I found called Liver Support Plus.

Liver Support Plus works so well because of the herbs in it that work so much better when they are combined with each other. You could do well to just take one of the herbs it contains, but the combination is a lot greater than the parts.

If you want to know specifically about how your liver is doing, and maybe some specific nutrients that aren’t available online, then you can contact me to set up a phone session. Together we can find a great program for your particular needs. Otherwise, I highly recommend taking something that will give you great overall liver support. 

Eat right, exercise, avoid the things you know you should, and take a great liver support supplement, and you are insured of a much longer and more healthy life than those who don’t.

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