Neck Pain

Back of neckHave you ever woken up with a sore or even painful neck? You probably slept in a twisted position without knowing it which caused the vertebrae to go out of alignment.

When that happens most people will put up with the pain until it works itself out. It can take a full day, often even longer, much longer.

Other people will cough up the money to go see a chiropractor to have their neck forcefully shoved back into place, usually with lots of loud cracks and pops as the bones are realigned.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the original problem. The adjustment can cause a lot of pain, and sometimes even cause more of a problem.

Would you believe that there’s something you can do about it for yourself? Something that is both effective and gentle. That is, you can actually adjust your neck yourself using Self Adjusting Technique.

Self Adjusting Technique is a simple way to gently adjust your neck, back, hips and ribs — the main areas that send people looking for help from a chiropractor.

Adjusting the neck is particularly easy to do. And, deceptively easy. I’ve adjusted thousands of necks using the same technique, only applied by someone of being self adjusted. In fact, when I adjust someone’s neck I always teach then how to do it for themselves.

Best of all, when I do the adjustment people will often say, “is that all?” I just have them move their head around and watch their amazement as they realize that the pain is indeed gone! It really is that gentle, so gentle that people often don’t even realize that anything happened until noticing that the pain is gone.

Here’s Sarah showing just how easy it is to adjust her neck. Sorry, I’m not giving details here, as easy as it is to do, it takes a book to teach it correctly. Self Adjusting Technique does a great job of doing just that.

Neck adjustmentNeck AdjustingNeck AdjustmentWhat she’s doing is applying a little pressure to the vertebra that has rotated out of place, then turning her head so it has the chance to naturally move back into place. This is how the body naturally adjusts itself, but with muscles instead of a finger.

The pain is caused by the adjusting muscles getting tight from fruitlessly pulling for a long time. When there are no complicating factors all it takes is a simple adjustment that can be self applied to relieve neck pain. Other areas are also easy to adjust using the same principle.

What are the complicating factors? There are too many to list here, but one of the main ones is an emotion getting stuck in the muscles. In that case the emotion can cause the muscle to tighten and pull the joint out of alignment.

If that’s the case, the emotion needs to be cleared from the body before the adjustment will hold. That is what sometimes happens when people go to the chiropractor and the problem comes back in a few hours or days, the emotional component keeps the muscle tight which pulls the joint out of alignment again.

If that happens to you the emotion can usually be cleared from the body with a short phone session. You can contact me if you’d like me to help you out.

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