Skin Care

skin care

Staying young and looking young really isn’t that hard to do, if you know a few things. The main thing to do is to eat right, another is to use products that help mother nature keep you young.

Having a good diet is the number one thing you can do to keep your youthful looks, and in fact to keep your body younger than your years. It is also one of the hardest things to do.

What makes it hard is the foods that need to be avoided, or at least greatly reduced. Mostly that includes the things people eat because they simply don’t have time to prepare something else. We also tend to be addicted to these foods.

Most people know what to avoid, but to be clear; avoid or eliminate all processed foods like sugar and ground up grains (bread, pasta etc.). And of course, you do need to eat good food, but what else is there when processed foods are eliminated?

Eating plenty of vegetables and high quality animal protein need to be included in a diet that is designed to keep you young. There are also supplements and herbs that can help quite a lot. I won’t go into the details of each here, but will recommend a couple of excellent products.

First, here is a good multivitamin for women. And, here’s an article on an herbal product that is excellent at keeping you young. One of my favorite minerals also helps detoxify, so it is one of the best at keeping you young; fulvic minerals.

Keeping your skin young looking, especially your face, requires topical creams and lotions. Pretty much any moisturizer is good, but there are products that can have a deep effect on the skin. One of my favorites can be found here.

Stay young by eating well, taking high quality supplements and herbs and use a good cream or lotion. Working it both internally and externally is the best approach.


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