Healing Stories

My Healing Crisis

The article I wrote the other day about the unfortunate woman who died from practically living on Coca Cola brought a lot of comments and emails. It also made me remember how I almost did the same thing to myself, but in a different way. So, I thought I’d tell you my story. I already [...]

I mentioned in a previous article that I would write some healing stories. I got a little distracted writing a book, but wanted to take a little time to write something now. One of the most amazing healings I ever had a hand in involved an amazing young woman who has been a friend of [...]

I spent some time with my favorite cousin, Peggy, this last weekend. I hadn’t seen her in years, but we still really like to spend time together. I was able to do some healing work on her too. I really like doing healing work, but I don’t do so much these days since I’m not [...]