The one thing the human body always strives to keep in perfect balance is the amount of sugar in the blood. It will do everything it can to keep the level perfect, even at the expense of every other system. This can cause great harm if we  don’t give it some help.  In fact, almost [...]

There was a recent article in the news about how artificial sugars don’t work for as a diet aid. Forget that the artificial ones are deadly toxic and practically guaranteed to kill you, but now the thing they are designed for, reducing calories, doesn’t actually happen. Here’s the story. When you taste sweet your body [...]

I get asked this question often, and the answer is simple and quick: Because it is POISON! I don’t eat sugar. I have had my problems quitting it. I don’t know how many times I quit for some period of time ranging from weeks to months. Once, when I was about 20, I quit for [...]

Yesterday Susan asked an excellent question. I started writing a reply, but it just got longer and longer until it became its own article. I tried to keep it short, but a major problem I have with this work is that there are so many factors that tie together that this seems impossible. I tried [...]

Have you ever tried to quite eating sugar? It is so hard as to be almost impossible except for the most strong willed. After only a day or two the drive to sugar can be amazing! I completely empathize, I have had many starts with changing my diet. I finally found relief from the drive [...]

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