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There are many different types of back problems. This article looks at some of the different types and what can be done about them.

The most common back pain issue that people have is lower back pain. This is almost always caused by adrenal fatigue. You can learn about that connection in this lower back pain relief article.

A tight psoas muscle can cause lower back pain. The deepest muscle in the body connects to the lower back on the inside and when tight can pull the lower back forward causing an extra arch in the back which can be very painful. See the above linked article to learn what you can do about that lower back problem.

Believe it or not, a broken heart can cause lower back pain. You need time to heal from emotional loss, so the body gives it to you by making it nearly impossible for you to do anything else. The only way to recover is to take the time to grieve, or email me for a phone session to clear the emotions from your body.

Sciatica is another back problem that many people have. The pain usually starts in the lower back or butt, and extends down the back of the leg, sometimes even to the foot. There are two primary causes, one is a tight piriformis muscle (at the top of the hip in back), and a misalignment of the sacroiliac joint. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Sciatica can be helped by realigning the joints, and stretches. Here is a great sciatica stretch, and there is a link in that article to another stretch.

It is a good idea to do something to reduce inflammation. Ice is preferred, but sometimes when it is severe anti-inflammatory drugs are necessary. While ibuprofen can be very hard on the body it works really well. Tylenol is better tolerated by most people, but may not work very well.

Some of these back pain issues can and often do lead to a more serious issue; a degenerated, bulging or herniated disc. All three of these problems can be healed with natural techniques. Unfortunately, the most serious of these conditions, a herniated disc, can take years to recover from with natural techniques. Most people will at least have the damaged disc removed, and possibly have a spinal fusion.

But, a bulging or degenerated disc can be healed with supplements and some simple manipulations depending on exactly what the issue is. You would have to contact me for a private phone session that could help resolve your issue. You might like to know that the manipulations can be either self applied or done by a friend with a little coaching.

Upper back pain is usually a very simple problem that can be dealt with using one of the Self Adjusting Techniques that are available in that book. One of the best solutions is available in the email series followup that comes with the free book Back Pain Secrets.

This article discusses how easy it is to have neck pain relief through the practice of self adjusting. Most of the time it is merely the neck being slightly out of alignment. Those adjustments are very quick and easy to self apply with Self Adjusting Technique.

But, there can be a complication. Upper back and neck pain can be severe and complex. They often happen together when upper back ribs and neck vertebra out of alignment at the same time. Sometimes the problem can be so severe that the muscles refuse to let go. That is when ice is needed to help the inflamed muscles. And, while I don’t usually like using such things, ibuprofen can be a great help in this case. You might want to try Tylenol first.

Middle back pain can be caused by one or more vertebra being out of alignment. Or, it can be caused by ribs being out of alignment. Of course, both issues could be present. These areas are harder to self adjust, but only because they can’t be reached. Fortunately, you can use a tool called The Original Backnobber II, or you may prefer the Pulsmate Body and Back Massager which has more protrusions making it useful for working on other back pain issues.

Another option is to have a friend help you out. The technique for self adjusting with and without a friend helping is thoroughly described and illustrated in Self Adjusting Technique. And, there is a video that comes as a bonus with the book that describes how a friend can gently adjust your ribs without cracking.

While there are other back pain problems, these are the most common. Please leave a comment if you have a back problem you’d like me to write about. Or, contact me for a phone session if you’d like some personal help.

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    I have been suffering low back pain
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    Be sure to read the linked article on lower back pain, it will tell you the main cause and what you can do about it. Let me know how it goes.

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