Broken Heart Lower Back Pain

Broken HeartLower back pain can be caused by a broken heart. This is a unique problem that happens often happens when there’s an intense emotional issue that has to do with a loss of some type.

The loss can be a separation from a partner, a death or other traumatic loss that causes heart pain. The most common cause is a break up with a romantic partner. In Applied Kinesiology this is called a cardiac back.

Chinese medicine also has something akin to this. They call is ‘disturbed heart spirit,’ or something similar depending on the translation. This is generally experienced as difficulty sleeping, which would increase the likely hood of lower back pain. Redness on the tip of the tongue indicates this Chinese medicine condition.

What happens is that the person needs time to heal from the trauma. The heart literally causes the lower back to have pain so the person is severely physically limited forcing them to take time to process their grief.

This is very difficult in modern times. For one, not everyone is inclined to introspection and processing grief. And, most people simply don’t have time in their busy lives to take time off to deal with emotional issues. And, if someone is dealing with their loss, a painful lower back isn’t something else they want to have going on as well.

Fortunately there is a quick solution. A short phone session can be done to release the emotion(s) associated with the cardiac back. This removes the emotion from the body only, other processing may be needed to keep the lower back pain from returning.

A short session can be very low cost, you can check the rates at this link. Remember, it’s a sliding scale meaning that you can pay according to what works for you. Then, contact me to set up your session.

So far this is the only time I’ve written about cardiac back. You can learn a lot more about many other back problems in the free book, Back Pain Secrets. Be sure to get your copy today!

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