A Tight Posas Muscle Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Psoas Major Muscle

Psoas Muscle

While not nearly as common as the adrenal fatigue connection to lower back pain, there are other causes. This article is about one of the lesser known causes.

The deepest muscle in the body is the psoas muscle. It runs from the upper inner thigh, around the front of the hip, through the belly to the inner lower back.

If the psoas is tight it can pull the lower back forward. This causes an extra arch to the lower back that can cause pain.

Most lower back pain is relieved to some degree when the back is rounded. This can be especially true when the cause is a tight psoas muscle.

There are a couple of things you can do for a tight psoas. First, there are yoga poses that can give it a good stretch. You can find the best of these stretches in my book, Yoga for the Psoas.

Another thing that can help it is to have it released by a competent massage therapist that knows the three areas where it can be reached. Through the belly is usually the best one for lower back pain, but at the hip and upper inner thigh can also be helpful.

The best technique for releasing it is to apply a tolerable pressure to it for a few seconds. Ideally this would be repeated once every two or three days with the length of the hold increasing gradually, and according to what can be tolerated.

Some lower back pain relief is usually noticed after even the first treatment. But, the muscle can, and usually will, tighten up again, so repeated treatments are a good idea. Adding in some stretches from Yoga for the Psoas can really help.

One other thing to note here is that a tight psoas that causes the lower back to have extra arch to it is a major cause of a rounded upper back that is often seen in older people. Of course, bone degeneration is anther big cause of that as well.

Fortunately, all this is easy to treat using holistic healing techniques. First, there is energy work that can help the psoas, then there are supplements that can rebuild bone, even in older people with long term bone loss.

You can email me to schedule a phone session with me to determine the best course of treatment for any of the issues mentioned in this article. Just send me a message using this link. I will usually get back to you within a day.

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