Sugar Makes You Dumb

Sugar Makes You Dumb

Sugar Makes You Dumb

A recent study shows that fructose makes rats dumber. They don’t perform as well as non-sugar eaters in maze tests. The same thing happens to a human brain. Here’s how that works and what you can do about it.

The title says sugar because white sugar and fructose are nearly the same thing. What is called fructose is actually 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose. White sugar is 50/50. However, there is a super fructose used in many sodas that is 65 percent fructose, and fructose is definitely harder on the body than white sugar..

Fruit juice is just as bad since it has a lot of fructose as well. It is just concentrated fruit without the fiber which slows the breakdown of fruits fructose.

Excess sugar has such a strong effect on the brain because of the brain’s physiology. The brain primarily burns sugar in the form of glucose. And, it produces its own insulin to properly metabolize the sugar it needs. Fructose is metabolized much faster than most sugars, so the brain produces more insulin to deal with the excess sugar. Eventually it will become insulin resistant, just like the body does in type two diabetes..

With insulin having less effect the brain doesn’t get the sugar it needs, so it will starve and eventually atrophy. That starvation causes the loss of intelligence. If this goes on long enough the brain will atrophy like what happens in Alzheimer’s.

The fix is to first stop eating so much sugar in all its forms. Eliminating it completely is ideal.

The second thing that will help are medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are easily converted to the brain’s alternate food called ketone bodies or ketoacids. In fact, ketones may even restore and renew neuron function in the brain, even after damage has occurred.

One of the richest sources of MTCs in coconut oil. 7 teaspoons a day is enough to both treat degenerative neurological diseases or prevent problems from occurring in the first place. And, it is delicious, except perhaps to people who don’t care for coconut though the flavor is subtle.

Coconut oil does not cause a rise in cholesterol as many people believe. Cholesterol is created by the liver from carbohydrates like sugar. Plus, it is good for you on many levels.

Nonetheless, coconut oil can be hard for a body to tolerate at first. Gradually increasing how much you eat is a good way to avoid any complications. Start with one teaspoonful and increase by another every few days.

If there are any other problems with coconut oil you can let me know. Not many people will have an allergy to it, though it does happen. This can often be cleared with a quick allergy treatment if you’d like to schedule a phone healing session with me.

If your brain function is doing fine you can probably just cut way down on or quit sugar and be fine. But, if you’ve had a life of eating sugar, or if dementia runs in your family, you might want to add some high quality coconut oil to your diet to insure good brain health.

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