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The medical community continues to look for solutions to lower back pain, and they continue to fail. Here’s part of an article from the Doctors Lounge. “Ultrasound, Shock Wave Not Effective for Low Back Pain The available evidence does not support the effectiveness of ultrasound or shock wave for treating low back pain, according to [...]

Junk Food Almost Killed Me

Another email came in today from someone happy to find information about adrenal fatigue. She was looking for something for her husband because he was having so many problems — 35 of the 50 symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

A few years ago I gave up my practice in Berkeley to do something completely different after my kids grew up. But, I remember those times well. Right now I would be receiving a large order of adrenal supplements and herbs. It’s that time of year again! Here are some suggestions to help you get [...]

A lot of questions come in all the time about what to do for adrenal fatigue. There is one article on adrenal fatigue supplements and herbs the site already with a good protocol that I used with a lot of success. It works better for some people, but most do as well or better with this protocol. [...]

Recently I wrote on stress and depression. Since then I’ve gotten a few emails asking what kind of herbs are good for calming the hypothalamus. HPA Axis The hypothalamus is what tells the pituitary that there is a stressful situation. The pituitary tells the adrenal glands that help for dealing with stress is needed. The adrenal [...]

One of my favorite things to work with in the human body is brain chemistry because resolving it often resolves a lot of other issues because an imbalance can cause several issues. The most common are depression and panic states though other conditions can arise from it. This article will explore emotional stress and how it affects brain chemistry.

Lower Back Pain Question

A lot of people send emails asking for help for a number of conditions. One question I get a lot is concerning lower back pain. The root cause of most lower back pain is the same, so I thought I’d post this recent response to a lower back pain sufferer.

Here it is, the day after Christmas, the day of more adrenal fatigue than pretty much any other day of the year. After the New Year there is a lot too. Basically, holistic healers in the know about adrenal fatigue symptoms are stocked up with adrenal supplements for their clients next week.

Edit: I recently released two free reports on the adrenal glands. The first one is an expansion on 30 Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue. There are now 50 symptoms in this free report. And, there is an article on what you can do to help your adrenal glands come to full health. This report is based [...]

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