Lower Back Pain Question

A lot of people send emails asking for help for a number of conditions. One question I get a lot is concerning lower back pain. The root cause of most lower back pain is the same, so I thought I’d post this recent response to a lower back pain sufferer.

Lower Back Pain

The main thing in almost all cases of lower back pain is to bring the adrenals up. Diet is essential, stop all processed foods including any “good” sugar.

There are herbs that can help the adrenals fast. I only use MediHerb for the quality, but have heard good things about Kroeger brand. I’ve seen others that have no effect at all because their quality is so low.

The herbs listed are from MediHerb. This is my favorite adrenal fatigue protocol though not necessarily the best for everyone. I like these herbs because they usually work fast.

Licorice high grade liquid 4 ml
Siberien Ginsing (Eleuthero) liquid 11 ml
Nevaton three tabs a day three doses

Mix the herbs, add a little water (they’re pretty strong without)  and take half in the morning and half around noon. Empty stomach is best, but not essential.

Other important supplements for longer term healing. From Standard Process. Best to split the per day to two dosses (5 per day would be three in the morning and two with dinner). Take with food.
Drenamin 5 per day
Cataplex B 3 per day

You can get more information on how to help your adrenal glands from my adrenal fatigue book.

I can have the supplements and herbs sent to you for 20 percent off if you like.

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  • pat Jan 2, 2011, 3:12 pm

    How does adrenal being up stop back pain?

  • Kalidasa Jan 10, 2011, 10:42 am

    Pat, The adrenal glands and the ligaments use many of the same nutrients. Adrenal strength is much more important to the body than ligaments, so the adrenals get preferential treatment. The lower back supports most of your weight, so they tend to go out first. My daughter’s wrists tend to give her problems first, so the rule isn’t set in stone.

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