Adrenal Fatigue Question, Limited Funds

This email  came in today form a woman who knows from a test two years ago that she has adrenal fatigue. Her husband had triple bypass surgery at age 50. The stress left her in worse shape, with debilitating insomnia, a common result of adrenal fatigue. To compound the problem she doesn’t really have the money for the supplements and herbs that will help her out of her adrenal mess.

Here’s what I wrote to her:

The cause of your husband’s clogged arteries is the same casue (at least one of them) of your adrenal fatigue: processed foods and sugar.

OK, I’m not psychic, and I could be wrong, but that is usually the case. The fact is that processed food is the primary cause of most of our modern ailments.

You can help yourself a lot by not eating any grains or sugar at all. But, that’s very hard to do cold turkey.

Start with sugar, it takes about five days for the cravings to lessen, a month to go away completely. More animal protein helps. This is all sugars too, even the “healthy” ones. Honey, for example, is actually worse than table sugar in certain ways.

Stop refined grains asap — don’t go crazy! Start by eliminating refined grains, work slowly. A refined grain is anything that has been chopped or ground, “whole grain” doesn’t mean a thing to the adrenals if it’s chopped up because they release sugar almost as fast as table sugar.

Then start limiting whole grains as well.

Finally, the adrenals are driven by the hypothalamus gland which reacts to intense emotions (stress) by tells the pituitary gland to tell the adrenals to produce stress hormones. You can effectively turn the hypothalamus off with certain herbs. A good investment would be in some relaxing herbs. Get the relaxing herb combination that are ground up in capsules. Drinking a couple of cups of Kava a day works well for some people.

Get some other herbs and supplements as you can afford them.


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