5 Causes and Treatments for Lower Back Pain

by Kalidasa on December 20, 2011

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is so common today as to be staggering. There are several possible causes, but one stands out as the most common. Lets look at some common causes of lower back pain and what treatment they require.

One way to think about lower back pain is that the body has something wrong with it and it wants you to slow down. Since the lower back is so integral to being active this is a good place to give you pain so you have to slow down.

Another way to think about it is on an emotional level. Since the lower back supports the entire upper body, the largest percentage of your weight, then it might suggest that you aren’t being supported in some way.This could be that you aren’t supporting yourself, or the universe isn’t supporting you, or that you don’t feel supported by the important people in your life.

Applied kinesiology describes another type of lower back pain called “cardiac back” which has to do with the heart. Not in the sense of heart disease, but more in like a broken heart. It can be related to support as above, a sense of loss or some other emotional stressor.

Treatment for the emotional issues is fairly obvious. Acknowledging the emotional issue, taking time to reflect and deal with the stress, talking to a friend or professional and taking time to rest are the best things you can do.

Applied kinesiology offers a way to remove the emotions from the body that are affecting it so healing can begin sooner, sometimes immediate relief is found. Other treatments include herbs and supplements designed to help deal with stress. In some cases they can be essential. AK has a technique for cardiac back that can bring immediate relief.

Tight muscles can also cause lower back pain. The psoas is a deep muscle that runs from the inner lower back through the abdominal cavity over the outer hip area and down to the inner upper thigh. When this muscle is tight it can pull the lower back in causing extra curve. Releasing the psoas with a psoas release technique can completely eliminate the pain.

Another tight muscle that can cause lower back pain especially sciatica is the piriformis. This muscle runs across the upper hip area in back. Some people have a sciatic nerve that runs through the piriformis. When the muscle is tight it squeezes the nerve causing the characteristic back of the leg pain.

Simple stretches can give immediate relief to sciatica though more treatment is usually needed. Even though a single muscle is usually the primary cause, the usual problem with lower back pain is often the indirect cause.

Most lower back pain is caused by adrenal fatigue. The ligaments and tendons use the same nutrients as the adrenal glands. When there is high demand for those nutrients as there is with adrenal fatigue, the adrenals get the largest share so the ligaments lose out and become lax. Since the lower back caries the greatest weight that area is usually effected first.

In most cases I find that lower back pain needs to be treated through treating the adrenal glands. You can find this information in my book, Adrenal Fatigue — Get Your Life Back, available here for immediate download, and soon will be available on Amazon in physical form.

Knowing what treatment is needed for lower back pain, or any condition for that mater, can be very hard to find. Applied kinesiology uses muscle testing to find the cause and treatment that the body most wants. While muscle testing isn’t always 100 percent accurate, it does have a very high success rate that goes beyond what most doctors can claim.

Muscle testing and many applied kinesiology techniques can be done over the phone. I often give phone sessions to my clients as well as to people like you who find me through my website. Let me know if you’d like to schedule a session. I offer a sliding scale in an effort to help people out in these hard economic times.

There are many more causes of lower back pain. Many are discussed in my free book Back Pain Secrets. Be sure to download your copy today. And, let me know if you’d like help in finding the cause and best lower back pain treatment or other condition you may have.

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