50,000 Years Ago…

by Kalidasa on March 14, 2011

Cave man

Imagine if you would, that you’re walking the earth 50,000 years ago. A wild animal jumps out and starts chasing you. You run for your life with supper human speed because your body has dumped power chemicals into your blood stream to give you a life saving supper boost.

Eating sugar and processed foods does the same thing.

Except you don’t get to run it off. Those life saving supper chemicals are there with nowhere to go. Unfortunately, they find things to do. Like suppress your immune system, halt cellular repair, stop digestion, decrease fertility and more.

It’s not just sugar and ground up grains (processed foods) either, other stress factors cause the same issue. A near fender bender for instance, or being brow beaten by a boss or coworker. All stress causes a release of the same chemicals we evolved needing to save our lives.

Even though our life isn’t threatened so much anymore our bodies still responds to any stress factor as if death is immanent. This is how we are designed, evolution hasn’t caught up with our mere five thousand years of eating grains yet.

There are plenty of other stress factors too. Lots of hidden ones. Toxicity, loud noise, over exercising, excess light, dehydration, most low fat diets, injury, too much sex, and just about any other extreme you can think of.

Fortunately, the human body is designed to deal with stress. It’s amazing how long the body can keep going in the face of ongoing stress. Of course, that’s with a lot of drugs and often a very limited life style.

The thing we all need to do is to reduce stress in all areas of life. Living more simply is the key. Fewer packaged foods, less driving, clean air and water, more sleep and harmony in the family will go a long way towards a long and healthy life.

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