Broken Bone Healing In Half The Time Or Better, My New Broken Arm

Fortunately I know about broken bone healing, which is a good thing since I got one three days ago.

Here’s what happened:

I had a crash a couple of days ago. I don’t call it an “accident” because the guy ran a very old red light. Sped up to get through too. So, there was nothing accidental about it, just more, how can I say this gently, well, I can’t really, it was just plain stupidity. Perhaps on my part too.

Driving around in Bali is very scarry, and dangerous to begin with. I watch out all the time, especially on a motorcycle. My part in it was that I was being too careful watching the guy on my right trying to hit me from that side. Remember, they drive on the left side here. So, I missed the guy running the light on the left.

Fortunately, I wasn’t going that fast, and I hit the side of the car. I would have been a projectile had he hit me with the front of his car and would have had grievous injuries at best. He didn’t even slow down either. Or stop. The police caught him though.

Ah, the adventure of living in Bali for six months. I’m heading home in 10 days. Just missed having an accident free time here. Oh well, fate is.

I had a night living with the pain, then surgery the next morning to put in a plate. A night in the hospital, and I can type already. At least that’s possible, I like staying in touch with all of you.

Now all I have to do is heal from this. Which brings me to the real subject of this post. How to heal a broken bone in half of the time or better.

About three decades ago I started studying nutrition. My boss at the time broke his arm, and I had read that taking calcium will help broken bone healing considerably. Not very scientific actually, more just common sense. But, I told him, and he took some calcium.

My boss had to get his cast damaged on a fishing trip to get his doctor to change it, and he had to talk him into taking an x-ray. The doctor was very surprised to see that the bone was almost completely healed. That was at about four weeks, he was told eight. All it took was another week or so, and the doctor could barely see where the break was. In fact, he said that if he didn’t know where to look he wouldn’t see it.

From what I now know, he was pretty young, and that helped his healing. Now, information is much better, and there is a lot more biochemical proof of what works. Calcium of course, but then you need to make sure there is a proper balance of other nutrients so the calcium works correctly.

There is too much to include everything here, but definitely take calcium and magnesium, but at different times of day, they compete for the same receptor sites.

This whole thing has inspired me to create a very inexpensive and detailed report on how to heal bones quickly. I will make it available to my subscribers for free as I tend to do with things like this. Let me know if you’d like a copy, it’ll help inspire me to get it together faster.

Unfortunately for me, most of the supplements I need won’t be available to me for another ten days or so when I get back to the US. So, my broken bone healing will be extended somewhat. But, I do have one product with me that should at least really help.

Wish me luck!


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