How To Find What Ails You

Quite a few questions come in from people who have some intense issue with varying symptoms. There is one thing that I can recommend to almost everyone as a way of finding their way back to health: find out what food you are sensitive to. Here’s how you figure that out.

Find The Problem
The technique is for anyone with symptoms that are causing them a loss of ability to function in life. It is particularly useful for any gastrointestinal issues. Other issues can be very diverse because allergies can cause many different symptoms.

How It Works
This is the elimination diet. The idea is that some specific food is causing the problem. In many cases it is something that the person consumes often. It is even often something they consider would never be the problem.

The Method
The elimination diet is eliminating all major allergens for three weeks. After which, they are added back gradually to see which causes a reaction.

What To Avoid
The primary foods that cause intense reactions are grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and trans fats. Within the three weeks your symptoms will likely disappear. Keep going for the whole three weeks though, it takes that long to find out what is causing the problem.

Wheat Allergy?

Wheat Allergy?

Add Them Back Over Time
After three weeks the body will have adjusted to not having to deal with the problem food, and it goes back to a nice homeostatic state — your symptoms are gone or greatly reduced. Adding the substance back will usually cause a major reaction that will be undeniable. Usually very quickly, but it can come back slowly.

To take care of that you add each item back for three days before adding another. Give it plenty of time to cause a reaction.

For Example
You might start by having some rice every day for three days. If there is no reaction then it is very likely that rice isn’t the problem. On the fourth day you might add in dairy products — you also might want to add dairy back one item at a time; milk, butter, yogurt, etc. You could also have rice since that will have already been eliminated. After three days of dairy add the next food. Keep going until you find the truth.

Speed Up The Process
You can speed things up by adding back the things you really like first. It’s usually something you are drawn to all the time, you might even think that you can’t get along without it, or would not want to get along without it.

The Usual Suspects
The main culprit is usually a grain, often dairy and sugar is almost always involved. Alcohol is often the problem if there is high usage. Trans fats should be avoided at all costs anyway, and they can cause a big reaction.

The most common grain allergens are: wheat, corn and oats. Any other grain can show up as well, but those three are the main ones I have seen. Wheat is by far the most common.

Detox While Your At It
Here’s a suggestion, Standard Process has a very good intestinal cleans program that takes three weeks. This would be the perfect opportunity to do something really good to promote your health. The kit contains all the supplements you will need and the protein shake mix that will replace a good portion of your food. It actually works out to a savings because so much of your food is supplied in the shakes. The only other thing you need are vegetables and a little fruit.

Use the contact tab to let me know if you want to save 20 percent off that kit.

I Know It’s Hard
Doing the elimination diet was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But, it was also one of the best things I ever did for myself. I did it with the cleanse, so I was doubly motivated. The really weird thing is that I pretty much eat this diet all the time now except for dairy. It just felt that good to eat that way. It took time, but the potential for serious disease conditions are almost completely eliminated with a diet free from grains and sugars. Add in a little exercise and you are probably going to live a very long time.

Also, there are things you can do to help out if you really feel too hungry. One thing about Standard Process, they’re practical.

Meet the Author

Hello and welcome to my blog! There are several reasons I decided to start writing a blog on natural self-healing. The main thing I want to do is to share information on health and healing so that people can take action to heal themselves using natural techniques. I have met so many people who couldn't afford natural health care. They may have had health insurance, but they didn't trust that model. Many people want to know how to be healthy naturally. They want to know what really works and what doesn't. They want to be health conscious and often fail because of poor information, lack of knowledge, bad science and other factors. This blog is intended to help demystify the body and its various functions and to help people understand what is really needed to obtain optimum health. One of the great things about knowledge of the body is that once you know and understand how it works it becomes easy to know what the right things to do for it. And, it is much easier to do the right things when the consequences of the wrong things are fully understood. To do this I will be drawing from the knowledge of many people that I have learned from. I will talk about biochemistry relating that to what is needed to obtain optimum health. There will be information about the physical structure of the body and how to keep that aligned and functioning well. A major part of yoga has to do with health, so information about yogic techniques will be included. Mental and emotional health are important for the health of the body/mind, so articles about these topics will be included. And, there will be an occasional article about me and what I am up to. Hopefully I can relate that back to some health issue as well. The title Self Adjusting Technique comes from my technique for self-adjusting the structural part of the body, that is adjusting the body's various vertebrae and joints. For this blog it will include the idea of how to adjust health issues for yourself and those you care about. With a little knowledge there is a lot people can do to help heal themselves and stay healthy. I want to explain complex information about the body in a way that is easy to understand and useful. The comments section will help in that goal as people can ask for clarification if there is something they don't understand. And maybe we can get some helpful input from people smarter than me that will benefit us all. I hope you find information that can help you with your health issues. Kalidasa

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