Neck Pain and C5

by Kalidasa on March 18, 2011

Neck Pain at C5

Neck Pain at C5

Recently a woman asked about a pain in the neck, shoulder and radiating down the arm. I referred her to a neck pain article I wrote a couple of years ago. She took the advice to heart, stopped eating sugar and a few weeks later she was mostly fine. Still a little twinge from time to time, but a lot better.

In the video on C5 neck pain I talk about Vagus nerve that runs from the back of the brain along side the spine to the fifth cervical. At that point it branches out with nerves that reach into a lot of different systems throughout the body. Many of them carry information about sugar and how to deal with it.

Dealing with sugar is difficult for the body because it evolved for millions of years without it — ground up grains count as sugar in this case as they break down into sugar very quickly. It has only been a few thousand years that we have had access to processed foods out of millions of years of evolution.

Side Bar:
Did you know that when an archaeologist finds the remains of an ancient human that they can determine if they were hunter gathers or farmers just by looking at the holes in their teeth? The hunters had great teeth while the grain eaters had cavities. They tended to osteoporosis as well.

Our bodies evolved eating mostly meat. This has been proven. About 90 percent in fact.

Look in your local supper market. 80 to 90 percent of what you see is processed foods. This is how we eat today.

Is it any wonder that diseases that were rare in history are major epidemics today?

Back to the Neck Pain
So, all this weird information is coming into the brain through Vagus nerve. Thousands of nerves into one big one. Just like a freeway during rush hour, a jam up occurs. This causes a tension in the local muscles (actually, a little more goes on, just trying to keep it simple) which pulls C5 out of alignment.

Just a Little Sugar?
My new friend recently had a “couple bites of ice cream.” The next day her neck and shoulder pain was back like before. She wondered if it could be psychological. Sorry, I’ve seen it too many times, experienced it too.

Biochemistry Tells All
As I’ve said before, the biochemistry of most major illnesses can be traced right back to adrenal fatigue. Stress is the real culprit, but sugar stress is a really big one that we can eliminate. C5 neck pain can become major too, a very common area for spinal fusion surgery.

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