Adrenal Fatigue, Herbs, HRT And Hiatal Hernia

Edit: I recently released two free reports on the adrenal glands. The first one is an expansion on 30 Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue. There are now 50 symptoms in this free report. And, there is an article on what you can do to help your adrenal glands come to full health. This report is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can get both these reports and more free information on the adrenal fatigue at the link.

There were some great questions from Amber in the email yesterday.

“I recently happened upon your website when I was researching adrenal fatigue
. I was recently diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue through saliva testing.
I have been seeing an MD who is very knowledgeable in natural therapies as well.
He has me on licorice root drops, 5-6 drops in the am and 4-5 @ noon. Also,
DHEA and Pregnenalone and I have started some liquid bioidentical progesterone
for my hormonal imbalance as well. After reading about the woman who took dhea
and developed breast cancer I became a little alarmed. Any recommendations to
take along with the licorice root rather than DHEA? I do see a difference since
I started it the licorice. I do have some allergies to chamomile, anything in
the ragweed family, fish & shellfish and nuts. I also have been seeing my
chiropractor and he tells me that even though I have been having symptoms like a
hiatal hernia I am having a pyloric spasm. I am not sure what is causing this
or if I have a hiatal hernia or not for sure. Any suggestions on supplements to
help this? I am too afraid to go have the barium swallow done to find out. I
don’t like to ingest things that may be harmful to me. Any information you
might have on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and

First of all, Amber, the reason you are feeling better is most likely because of the DHEA. DHEA can really give a boost as the adrenal glands don’t have to work so hard making it. It isn’t always going to cause a problem, but because it can it is best to avoid it. And, if someone insists on taking it then the 7-keto DHEA is far less dangerous. Remember, my friend is elderly, and dealing with several other issues.

There are a few different factors that are generally involved with cancer. Briefly, the factors that are almost always involved with cancer are: low body ph — an acidic body, parasites, chemical toxicity and heavy metal toxicity. Obviously there is a lot more to say about each of these issues, but realize that a diet of processed foods will almost always bring most of these factors with it.

The licorice you are taking is probably not doing much at all for you. The dosage isn’t close to therapeutic, and the quality of herbs is always a question. I only know of two brands that are of good quality: MediHerb and Kroeger. The tinctures you get at the health food store are almost always too poor of a quality to do any good at all. If taking MediHerb licorice, a therapeutic dosage is four ml a day, or a little less than a teaspoon.

The herb that I almost always give with licorice is Siberian Ginseng botanical name Eleuthero. I recommend 11 ml along with the 4 ml of licorice. It is best to split that into two doses, morning and noon.

There are contraindications to this protocol though. Licorice can raise blood pressure though 4 ml isn’t likely to do that. And, even though Siberian Ginseng isn’t nearly as ‘hot’ as other types Ginseng it can still be an issue for some people.

There are other supplements that help as well, I outline very general possibilities in this article on adrenal fatigue.

A note here, a friend of mine and I are working on a system that will allow us to offer supplement suggestions for a reasonable price. We are also going to offer Standard Process and MediHerb supplements at nearly wholesale prices. Sign up for the free book in the tab above, and you will receive advance notification and a limited time discount.

The pyloric spasm is a bit more complicated. I have had really good success at treating hiatal hernias and similar conditions like your spasm and GERD. Unfortunately, I probably need to do a one-on-one session for complete success. I still haven’t worked out how to do part of this without individual consultations, but I do have a couple of ideas in the works. And, a phone session will usually suffice.

One self test you can do is to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in some water to see if that settles it. Avoid doing this on an empty stomach though as most people have an h. pylori infection in the stomach. If the bacteria is very strong the vinegar can cause severe discomfort. If the symptoms go away with the vinegar, then you are like most people and don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid. This is another complex issue that I need to write about sometime soon.

The hormone imbalance isn’t normal. Very common, yes, but not normal. I don’t usually find that hormone replacement therapy is necessary. Adrenal fatigue is usually a contributing factor these cases, but liver dysfunction is often the main factor, I talk about it in this article on liver detoxification. Basically, it isn’t a deficiency of prednisone, but rather an excess of estrogens due to the liver not breaking them down. The imbalance is what causes the symptoms.

I realize I created a number of questions with these answers. I’ll try to write more on these subjects in the future.

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  • becky Mar 9, 2010, 4:13 pm

    I have a hiatal hurnia,diagnosed with a scope. I wasn’t told that there was any thing I could do about it. my main concern is The diagnoses of a fatty liver. and I was told there is nothing I can do about it ,it is non alcoholic fatty liver. I am worried now that the doctor telling me several months ago that one kidney was smaller than the other was like one foot is smaller than the other. now he is telling me, that kidney is a problem? I have a very irregular blood preasure over 200/90 to 99/37. several times I have had very low preasure for several days at a time.adrenal gland ?

  • Kalidasa Mar 12, 2010, 7:02 am


    There are things that can be done with a hiatal hernia. This is a pretty big subject that I would like to write on sometime. Briefly, there are two main causes: not enough acid in the stomach, and fight flight. There is a relationship between the two though they need to be treated separately.

    A fatty liver can be caused by many different things. One is alcohol. A diet high in sugar and processed foods can do the same thing. Generally, the best thing for a fatty liver is Milk Thistle. I always recommend MediHerb because I have experience with their quality, and Kroeger because they have a good reputation. Most others, especially tinctures, don’t really do the job.

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