Back Pain Treatment: How Insulin Causes Lower Back Pain And What You Can Do About It

Back pain treatment is something that 80 percent of everybody will experience at some point in their life. It is a huge business because there is so much that can happen to a back to cause pain. Medical therapy is limited and is basically ineffective. However, natural methods that treat the primairy root cause of back pain offers people valid possibilities for treatment that works.

Medicine is limited to pain killers, muscle relaxants, painful cortisone shots and radical surgery that has a poor success rate. All to treat symptoms, mostly without concern for the root cause. In recent times, many doctors have started telling their patients to try to find natural method of back pain relief.

Natural back pain treatment depends on knowing the root source of the condition. Once the reason for the particular back pain is found, the treatment often reveals itself. For example, lower back pain, one of the most common complaints today, has the same root source in most cases. Sciatica can be included here as well, although there is a little more to that story.

Processed foods like sugar, bread — including “healthy” bread prepared from whole grains is still milled, which is processing. Pasta, dried fruit and even fruit juice create problems that can produce lower back pain. While doctors will understand the biochemistry behind this, their training often doesn’t incorporate the associations. An easy to understand version follows.

Processed foods instigate a spike in blood sugar levels. It is apparent how white sugar does this. By the way, sugar also comprises the majority of the natural sugars that many believe to be healthier for the body — they aren’t. Ground up grains, even whole grains as mentioned previously, are digested rapidly so that the stored sugar in the grain is released abruptly into the blood stream unlike whole, unbroken grain which release their carbohydrate slowly. It is the additional surface area that permits for quicker digestion of ground grains which abruptly increases blood sugar levels.

The body brings high blood sugar levels down with insulin. However, the speedy rise in blood sugar levels produces an over-response, a release of too much insulin. The result is that blood sugar levels end up being too low, something the body must also fix. The correction is that the adreanl glands release cortisol, also called cortisone, a stress hormone. One of the things that cortisol does is release stored sugar to bring blood sugar levels up.

So, here’s what could happen. You eat a big meal of pasta and garlic bread, yum-yum. Maybe you eat too much, it is delicious after all. Afterward, you feel sleepy and have to lie down or veg in front of the TV for awhile. Sooner or later, you feel more alert, and perhaps you feel like having a little dessert.

What happened is that the food of processed grains brought the blood sugar way up, you might have even been having a good time laughing and chatting with your friends, keyed up from all that blood sugar. Next, once insulin does its job and brings the blood sugar down, but too low, so you are in the mood for a nap. All because the brain is deprived of its main food, sugar. Later on, cortisol brings blood sugar up again, so you wake up again. Furthermore, you want dessert because stored sugar has been used up, and the body wants it replaced. But, that’s just another round about to take place, just like before.

In time, the adrenal glands become worn out. They didn’t evolve to contend with processed foods at all, nowadays they are called upon to do this effort over and over again. The link with the lower back is that the exhausted adrenals obtain the nutrients they need from available sources together with stealing them away from the ligaments and tendons, they use many of the same nutrients. Since the lower back supports the weight of the upper body, that is where you are most likely to experience a weakness from depleted ligaments first. Without ligament strength, the joints in the lower back and hips go out of alignment causing lower back pain that is so common today.

In this case, lower back pain treatment is obvious. A change of eating practices is chief, and furnishing nutrients that the adrenals and ligaments must have seems like a good therapy as well.

Back pain treatment possibilities for the many other back pain conditions is often just as evident when the root cause is recognized. You can learn more by getting the free book, Back Pain Secrets. Click on the link to sign up now. There are also follow up emails that offer even more free insight concerning back pain treatment and what you can do to help your particular back pain issue.

You can learn a great deal more about adrenal fatigue and natural back pain relief here at the blog. There are videos available and a podcast. Sometimes a question will inspire a post that can help others, so ask away. I currently have some time, but that won’t always be the case.

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  • winnie Feb 3, 2010, 9:54 pm

    I recently started the first week of the Mayo clinic diet, a most unusual side effect occured. I have had 5 back surg’s in the last 10 years and have been on some sort of pain meds, narcotics for that entire time. I noticed after having been following the Mayo Clinic diet for 4 days that I was not in pain, it has been 5 days now without narcotics, the Mayo diet is to be followed for 1 more week, I am wondering if you have insight as to if it might be the elimination of the sugar which might be the reason for pain relief. I am very interested if this could be in fact a direct correlation. Sugar and ongoing back pain. Hope to hear back.

  • Kalidasa Mar 12, 2010, 8:01 am

    There is a very direct connection between sugar and lower back pain. And, sugar causes inflammation, the cause of all pain.

  • johnson Apr 4, 2012, 7:35 am

    is there any direct relationship between sugar intake and sexual weakness in man

  • Kalidasa Apr 4, 2012, 9:06 am

    @johnson Yes, there is. And, too much sexual activity can weaken the adrenal glands causing any number of adrenal fatigue symptoms.

  • Nova Jun 17, 2017, 3:36 am

    Thank you for the insight!

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