Adrenal Glands

HPA Axis And Adrenal Fatigue A question today asks about healing the HPA axis if the emotion is ongoing. I don’t want to give too many details for privacy reasons, but the issue is with money and her husband with emotional issues due to severe emotional abuse and financial issues growing up. Top it off [...]

Stress and Inflammation

Stress has recently been linked to inflammation in this article on Science News about stress and inflammation. When looked at biochemically it is obvious that stress is the number one health issue today because it leads to so many ailments. I’ll go into that in a minute. Don’t worry,it’s pretty simple. Recent science has [...]

Let’s look at how to cure insomnia naturally. This is going to step on a few toes, so be forewarned, I’m going to debunk a few pretty solid ideas that people and even most doctors think believe about how the human body works. First of all, humans are naturally meant to sleep a lot more [...]

One of the reasons I write so much about adrenal fatigue is because it almost killed me. Yep, I almost died from the reactions my body had to this all too common condition. Let me tell you what happened. That’s the adrenal glands in the photo above. They are walnut sized glands that sit on [...]

Today a friend of mine called because she was having lower back pain. Of course, it was the usual culprit — stress. What happens is that stress causes a strain on the adrenal glands. The stress can be from diet, emotions, physical over-exertion, chemicals and more. The adrenal glands handle stress The adrenal glands are [...]

Junk Food Almost Killed Me

Another email came in today from someone happy to find information about adrenal fatigue. She was looking for something for her husband because he was having so many problems — 35 of the 50 symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

A few years ago I gave up my practice in Berkeley to do something completely different after my kids grew up. But, I remember those times well. Right now I would be receiving a large order of adrenal supplements and herbs. It’s that time of year again! Here are some suggestions to help you get [...]

A lot of questions come in all the time about what to do for adrenal fatigue. There is one article on adrenal fatigue supplements and herbs the site already with a good protocol that I used with a lot of success. It works better for some people, but most do as well or better with this protocol. [...]

Recently I wrote on stress and depression. Since then I’ve gotten a few emails asking what kind of herbs are good for calming the hypothalamus. HPA Axis The hypothalamus is what tells the pituitary that there is a stressful situation. The pituitary tells the adrenal glands that help for dealing with stress is needed. The adrenal [...]

This email came in today form a woman who knows from a test two years ago that she has adrenal fatigue. Her husband had triple bypass surgery at age 50. The stress left her in worse shape, with debilitating insomnia, a common result of adrenal fatigue. To compound the problem she doesn’t really have the money for the supplements and herbs that will help her out of her adrenal mess.

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