Chiropractic Mishap: Question About Self Adjusting Technique

I got this email today from someone with chronic back pain:

Thanks you very much for providing the free info and videos. My question is, is your technique safe for someone with adult-onset scoliosis? Specifically, a thoracic shift with minor rotations at C5, T4-5, L1, with sacro-illeal strain, caused by genetically short hamstrings and a chiropractic mishap.

I sure don’t like hearing about things like a “chiropractic mishap.” As someone who has been hurt by chiropractors in the past I understand, but I still have a respect for the method. When it’s applied correctly. 

I learned how to do chiropractic adjustments from someone that doesn’t hurt, but some of his clients still won’t let him “crack” their neck. He learned Soft Tissue Adjusting Technique so he could do gentle adjustments for these people.

Soft Tissue Adjusting Technique is the counter part to Self Adjusting Technique. It’s similar, but applied to someone else. The techniques are a little different, especially the rib adjustment. I often teach this for people that have trouble getting ribs to adjust for themselves so they can have a friend or spouse do the adjustment for them. 

It would be ideal if it were possible to randomly check with a chiropractors past clients. Another option would be to find one that uses an activator. That’s a device that kind of punches the joint back into place. It was one of these practitioners who inspired me to create Self Adjusting Technique. (He wouldn’t help me out with the cost, so I paid attention to what he did and worked out a way to work the same areas he “activated.”)

My response to the sender was to refer her to a couple of my videos on back pain relief, and this:

Most likely the adjustment techniques will help. They give the same relief as a chiropractic adjustment, but without the force that caused your “chiropractic mishap.” It works especially well on rotations. In fact, that is one of the easiest adjustments. 

The SI strain might have other complications too, Has this been a problem for life? If not, when did it develop or get worse?

She just emailed back, and guess what? She was seeing an activator chiropractor! She says, “activator treatments were helpful, but I lost my understanding doc and I’m not having any part of further traditional chiro treatment.

She also says she’s going to try SAT, I hope we can find a way to help her relieve back pain. I say “we,” because I work with people to help them find an adjustment. If I can’t help them, I send a refund

But, you might want to start with the free ebook, “Back Pain Secrets.” Many people will find the answers they need there and in the follow up emails.

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