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Headaches are the most common pain complaint there is. One person who bought Self Adjusting Technique asked about this. She’s had a chronic headache for many, many years. One reason she bought the book is because she got some relief from the chiropractor. Also, her headaches get worse around her period. It seems it’s the muscle tension in the back that pulls on her head causing the problem. This article is to explore headaches, especially as they pertain to this situation.

The first thing I would suggest is to take magnesium. This may or may not help, but there are good reasons for this idea. Fist, most migraines are relieved by taking magnesium. And, it is one of the most common deficiencies there is.

The best time to take magnesium is at bed time. Magnesium and calcium compete for the same receptor sites on the cell, so it’s best to take calcium separately, at breakfast is a good time.

It is usually necessary to take large doses at first. The way to do that is to start slow and build up as too much will cause diarrhea.

Start with two grams at night, that’s 2000 mg. After two days if there’s no distress, then increase to three grams, wait a couple of days and increase to four grams. Most people won’t have a problem until they reach four or five grams. Whatever dose causes you problems, back off a gram and maintain that dose. Back off again if diarrhea shows up again later, you’re probably just finally getting enough. Avoid testing more that three grams if you are going to be busy the next day!

The second thing I would recommend is something to bring quick relief like I describe in this neck pain article.  This is mostly for mechanical issues — this situation is more likely to be caused by some chemical issue.

Since it gets worse around her period I suspect a liver connection as the liver clears hormones that can cause trouble if they stick around too long. This includes stress hormones — women often get more of those around their period. If her pain also increases around stress or eating junk food, then I would be strongly in favor of this approach. This article discusses liver detoxification, that is how the liver eliminates toxins.

Another supplement that may help is GABA. This is a brain chemical that puts the breaks on when we’re too amped up. A good indicator for her would be if the pain is less with vigorous exercise because that will produce GABA. Also, tight muscles often respond to GABA.

There are many other possibilities; allergies, kidney issues, toxicity especially heavy metals, stress, menopause, low blood sugar and more. Unless there is something really hidden, one of the above should help her with her chronic headache.

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