Iodine and Nuclear Radiation

Iodine Rich Kelp

Iodine Rich Kelp

Yesterday the Japanese increased their nuclear reactor crises to level 7, the highest there is, equal to Chernobyl.  The reason for this increase is the amount of radiation released into the environment. I gave some recommendations in this article on minimizing radiation risks.

The worst part of this story is how the Japanese and US governments have downplayed the severity of the radiation released on the northern hemisphere. Personally, I have taken action to avoid at least some of the radiation we are being dosed with.

First, I avoid dairy, which most people should do anyway. This is important as the radioactive iodine 131 that blows over from the crippled reactor is concentrated in milk. Second, I continue to use and recommend reverse osmosis purified water — RO removes 98 percent of all heavy metals. Finally, I am taking iodine supplements to protect my thyroid.

What we need to be concerned about most in the US is radioactive iodine. This is especially true for children. Infants and gestating babies are particularly susceptible as their need for iodine is much higher.

I talked with a doctor friend of mine who also studies holistic methods. She says that we only need to take a little iodine, not the massive doses that many people are taking out of fear. The larger doses have the potential of side effects that aren’t worth the risk. She asserts that a small dose taken daily is enough to protect most people from future thyroid issues.

The recommended dosage of iodine is 150 mcg for adults, and 175 mcg for pregnant women. A slightly higher dose may be needed to insure protection for the thyroid while the crisis continues.

If you do use dairy products, especially if you have children who do, you can reduce some of the radioactive iodine by storing the products for at least a week before using.

Radioactive iodine decays quickly, losing half its damaging effects in eight days. Figuring that it takes a day or two for it to travel to cow feed and then into milk, a week later the effects will be reduced by half. After a month it is almost completely gone. Milk can be frozen for that month if you want to be really safe.

Taking a little iodine, drinking water purified by reverse osmosis, and avoiding dairy products will help insure that you and your children survive this northern hemisphere crisis.

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